Lisa From Pacific Beauty


To me, Lisa from Pacific Beauty was also very pretty, and I LOVED her mixture of cute and sexy gallery photos. But I do feel like I’ve seen her before, from Black Alley or one of those websites. If anyone can figure out if they’ve seen her in the past, that’d be great.





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  1. I’ve seen her before- in my dreams. Beautiful hair, nice boobs.

    Any info about her? Where is she from? Does she want to meet me? Stuff like that…

  2. Is it Adam Yurman’s work? I would guess she was Thai, lots of Adam’s subjects seem to be. Great photography, I love her arse in the mirror.

  3. You nailed it Luke: “gorgeous and nude, it doesn’t get much better”.

    I am SO pleased I got to see this woman!

  4. She’s Thai. All of Adam’s models are Thai. And I realized where I recognize her from. That second to last photo is from one of Adam’s calendars that I bought back in the day.

  5. I’ll take a dozen please.

    I can’t find the ordering instructions on this website. Sadly my cart remains empty. :#(

  6. I can’t think of one of Adam’s models I don’t like. Too bad there’s not more content out there for many of them.

  7. When anyone asks why you love Asian women, show them Lisa’s photos. She is gorgeous and I love her perky breasts. My only quibble would be that her arms are very skinny with no definition at all. I think I could live with that, though;-)

  8. Arrrgh Wings, Why’d ya have to go and ruin her for me. In the second last photo she now looks like she has twigs growing out of her body instead of arms….. Why did I not notice before.

    Oh who cares…. I think I’ll still have her…. 🙂

  9. I actually agree. I find her very pretty indeed – and very attractive overall – but she isn’t particularly attention grabbing. I think she’s more a beautiful wife than a knock-out.

  10. WHAT!?!?!?! Having the a “hot wife” look IS what makes her a knock-out. She is natural, she is beautiful.

    She has grabbed my attention!

    Work with me, Doc. I am trying to break the Viet addiction….she is helping. Don’t take that from me- I have so little else.

    On another note, I am going to Australia this year to visit some cousins and see the country. I think A/S would do well to have a post once in a while about the country- not just the woman. In Vietnam, the women of Hanoi look far different than the women of Saigon. What about Melbourne? Does the Asian population consist mostly of Viet, or Chinese, or Thai, or Malaysian? What about Sydney? Perth?

  11. Interesting idea French – I’ll give it some thought.

    I think that if Lisa walked around a shopping mall in normal clothing she wouldn’t grab very much attention from a distance. To use a famous and extreme opposite example, I think Francine Dee would grab a lot of attention, even though she may look too artificial up close. She certainly isn’t a wife.

  12. Yeah I’m with French, the fact she looks like a lovely wife type but poses nude is a great juxtaposition. The fact she looks like she really enjoys it makes it even better.
    I agree with Doc that if I worked with Lisa and Francine I would probably be mesmerized by Francine’s assets, but I might actually ask Lisa out.

    French, Melbourne has a great mix as many Asian students come to go to high school and Uni. Richmond, Footscray and Springvale have large, concentrated Vietnamese communities. I would guess the next most represented people would be Chinese and Indonesian. I have had the pleasure of knowing many Thai, Korean and Fillpino people here too. If you are in the city a stand at the corner of Bourke and Russell St’s there is a good chance you will only see Asian faces, for a while anyway.

  13. Doc: Good and truthful point, and you went all out using Francine Dee to make your point 🙂

    Luke: Thank you….on two points. First for backing me up (If I saw Lisa in my apartment sitting at the table in that last pic I would melt) and on the second point for the info on Melbourne.

    Doc, part 2: I can’t thank you (and several others) enough for running this site. Nothing else comes close. I learn a lot from the posts and find the discussions enjoyable as well. And I love the backstory- how did this Chinese-born girl wind up in Australia? Or how did this Viet-born girl wind up in New Orleans?

    I was in Nha Trang, Vietnam, and it was Sunday so I went to the cathedral. A Vietnamese woman in her 80s said hello (in French) and next thing I knew, her whole family invited me to dinner that night. This woman had two granddaughters home from university in France, and another living in New York City. We spoke English, French, and they laughed at my terrible Vietnamese. I always find being invited into a home and sharing a meal to be one of the nicest times I can have. In Saigon I met a whole community of Chinese-born but Vietnamese-raised people that ran a furniture-making operation. They stood out because they were the whitest people in the neighborhood. The patriarch of the family was a low-level Chinese soldier sent to Cambodia in the 1970s to be part of an adviser group. When that regime fell, the Vietnamese captured him and jailed him in Vietnam for 5 years- then allowed him to stay. He brought his whole family to Saigon and became wealthy. Yes, they are Vietnamese now, but you’d swear they were visiting from China.

  14. French, you must be a gentleman (at least sometimes 😉 to get that kind of reaction from an older lady. Well done!

    Lisa is perfect and classy in these pics. A thai I’d love to meet for sure.
    redlaw summed it well.

  15. She is quite pretty, though i also feel that just walking around in regular clothes she’d be an appreciative glance and not much more. Still, she’s quite lovely and sexy.

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