Some minor additions to the site!

Most of you probably noticed the very handy ‘random page’ generator in the top-right corner of this site. It will allow you to browse through our extensive archives without having to think about what you want to see or even scroll.

In the bottom of the left column I’ve added two little lists: ‘Most popular’ and ‘Most commented’ posts. Here you will see that Tiara Lestar is still quite popular, even without her modeling nude anymore, and that ‘Dr. Lee’s Talking Point’ posts seem to generate a lot of response also!

The sole purpose of the rather big banner on the right is to finally bring us some ca$h for all our hard work on this site! 😉

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

UPDATE FROM THE DOC: I’ve had to remove the “most popular” and “most commented” features, as they were really loading up mysql and slowing down our server. Indeed, they still are to some extent as many people still have them cached, but that should clear fairly soon.

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0 thoughts on “Some minor additions to the site!”

  1. i noticed the random page last night and used it quite extensively for about a half hour its great i showed me a bunch of old post i hadn’t seen before and also some old good ones i have seen and enjoyed quite a bit…. good call on the random page generator!!

  2. Just out of curiousity, what determines “popularity”? Is it number of views? I was wondering where that recent Thainee post falls then, as it has been viewed over 18,000 times.

  3. I just noticed the update from the Doc. Why not just take a snapshot of the Most Popular and Most Commented once a week and post it as HTML? I am sure it doesn’t change that often anyway.

  4. It’s up to Robin, but I’ve suggested we simply link to a page with this info on it from the main menu. The problem is that whenever this info is displayed, pMachine has to search our entire database and calculate the top posts. This is extremely processor intensive when it is done with every single page load on the site (as was the case when it was in the left column), but it should be fine if it’s only when people load that particular page to look.

  5. Yes, Lee… would be great to keep the most popular features if you can do it in a way that does not bog down the system too much. 🙂

  6. Another way is to calculate the popular posts once per day and then save those results and show them to all the visitors, without calculating them over and over. In need of small tech advice I’ll be glad to help. For the sake of the asian babes. 🙂

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