Is LeAnna Scott still modeling?

LeAnna Scott @ Photo by Tom Ruddock

Is LeAnna Scott (French/Vietnamese) still modeling? We got a tip from cj1raven that some new (preview) photos were available at But elsewhere I read that these photos may be taken back in 2004.LeAnna appeared under her real name Christine early in her career in several “Hot Body” videos. At one point in her career, she starred in a few pornographic films, one (under her real name “Christine”) with Valentino called “Mr. Moon’s Public Perversions 1” (1998). Her other scene was with Billy Glide and can be found on the compilation video “Cum Loaded Cocks”. She also appeared on the late night cable series “Nightcap” in the episode “Seductive Fortune” in a lesbian scene with Nikki Fritz. Due to her resemblance to import model Tila Nguyen, some websites mistakenly cited Tila as the actress in the film. (wikipedia)

She became one of the semi finalists for Maxim’s Hometown Hotties of 2003 in which she had submitted her entry with her real name, Christina Mai.

“Although, I’ve done nudity in the past it is no longer my primary focus on taking additional assignments. However, I will not rule it out if a particular job is worth my wild.”
– Christina Mai aka LeAnna Scott

Some stats:

Real name: Christina Mai
Date of Birth: 30 March 1973
Place of birth: Saigon, Vietnam
Etnicity: French / Vietnamese
Height: 5′ 4″ (1.63 m)
Weight: 106 lbs.
Measurements: 36D-22-33.
Eye Color: Brown

LeAnna Scott Photo by Tom Ruddock

LeAnna Scott

LeAnna Scott

LeAnna Scott

LeAnna Scott

LeAnna Scott

Some links: (Whatever happened to Christina Mai aka LeAnna Scott?)

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  1. She’s one of my alltime favorites. I seriously wonder what she’s up to now. I had read that before she got into modeling, she was a stripper with poor financial management skills. She had bought a BMW, but wasn’t making enough money stripping to make her payments. So, she became an escort to help herself out financially. Not sure if there’s any truth to the story, but I can’t help but wonder if she decided the money was too good and went back to it.

  2. Those Blue Nudes photos were from a Fiji Islands calendar shoot – done in 1999 or 2000. As I remember, there was some discussion about it in the Yahoo Clubs back then.

    I’ve always felt that the rumors of her being an escort were false… you know, just typical internet yak.

  3. @cyrix,
    Yes, I agree, this might be only a completely unfounded romour.
    But just in case it’s not wrong. Do you know where she is working? 🙂

  4. Kamui, I heard she worked at a topless club in L. A. called Fritz. But that was awhile back, like in the 90s. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s married now. It seems the “old guard” models are all getting married now. Linda O’neil and Sung Hi Lee come to mind.

  5. Oh, now that is amazing. That’s why I like this site, didn’t know about this one–what a major oversight. The fakeies are perfect.

  6. To me, it looks like the pics from Blue Nudes with Ally Baggett is from 2004. There is a watermark with ’04. But the new Blue Nudes photos have Tom Rudduck’s mark on them from 2007. Anyone want to contact Tom to find out?

    Also, does it look like she has braces on in the casting call pics?

  7. I think the watermarks are dated when Blue Nudes posted the photos. But the shots were taken several years back (’99/’00 ?) – pretty sure.

    Yes, she does look like she has something on her teeth. Could be a retainer.

  8. She doesn’t have as much makeup on in the casting call pics, which shows her facial surgery to unpleasant effect. That’s one of the problems with facial surgery – usually you really need makeup to look good, even if the surgery is basically fine. But she really does look good with the right makeup – thanks for all the great stuff Zam!

  9. Only 5’4″? Damn, I always thought she looked about 7 feet tall.

    I loved her back in the day; sad to say, I don’t think the years have been kind. I’m sure she has a great personality, though. 😉

  10. Does anyone have any of the other hardcore movies she did? The one posted above is all over the internet, but I’ve never come across anything else.

  11. “She did a smokin hot Playboy video. Does anyone have it?”
    (Posted by: vwken)

    I just have this one made by Bossfan
    It doesn’t look hot to me

  12. I agree with danzlover. The casting call pics are weird. Poor lighting (looks like she has jaundice!) and poor poses. Plus she has that retainer thing on her teeth. I’ve seen tons of Leanna pics, some good – some bad, but these pics are probably the worst.

  13. Hoist those big titties on such a smokin hot little woman, its hard to get a result any less fantastic than this.

  14. Could you repost the Billy Glide video again? Tried the link but it’s dead. Lost all my Leanna stuff a while back in a computer hickup so was wondering if anyone knew where i might get my hands on the and picks. Both websites are gone now and can’t find the pix. Thanks either way, been a while since I’ve heard anything about her.

  15. I uploaded the glide video again and rapidshare rejected it saying it was “black listed” so use this link:
    You can find many of the Shae Marks pics in Yahoo groups like:
    You have to join the group to see the pics. The ones listed above are the best she did for the Shae site.

    This is my only photogenic pic:

    I asked Santa for Leanna for Christmas but He said her boobs are too big to fit down my chimney.

  16. Sorry to say but I’ve been a long time guest user so this is my first post after this morning’s registration. Sorry it took so long but after seeing LawBoy’s “recent comment” on the left hand side on this thread I had to view it. I’m glad he did seeing the random page generator isn’t available anymore. Oh well! I got to see LeAnna Scott’s boobs. Hehehe.

    Awesome link to mediafire vwken….very fast download, even if it were slow it was worth the wait as I usually can’t find it anywhere.

  17. Haha! Hey wylde8… I think that that is the same vid that is circulating as a Tila (Tequila) Nguyen sex tape. I have seen this particular vid a few times and I have always enjoyed it. I hate that guy though. I’ve seen him in a few scenes with Miko Lee and some other Asian women. I swear to Science, if you Google the phrase “Douche Bag” he’ll be the first pic you see… haha! He is the most vinegary of all of them!

    On a positive note… haha. She has an amazing torso. A trait I find mostly in Asian women. Mia Smiles, Kobe Tai and a bunch of women on this site also have long slender torsos. Big breasts or not… that is a friggin’ hot trait for a woman to have.

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