And now for something completely different (4)

I guess Japanese women don’t like model trains…Here’s another one:

(thanks to the FreshCreator for the tip!)

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  1. That’s some freaky shit right there, Mr. Hood. I am laughing my ass off, but I’m not quite certain as to why.


  2. I can only imagine thats her reaction to finding out her husband is cheating on her or she got served divorce papers. Its not sexy, so I’m thinking retaliation.

  3. where do they eat to get these fetishes? must be all the sashimi:) farting, macrophilia, scats, enema, raping…the japanese are something else……

  4. There’s not much that I don’t find hot in some strange way, but this does nothing for me. Those crazy Japanese!

  5. Don’t tell me that hot girls stomping on model train sets is supposed to be a sexual turn-on……..but, then again….it’s the Japanese.

  6. i thought it was kinda hot… but at the same time i cant stop thinking about how many thousands of dollars in model train parts were destroyed right there.

  7. ..also cockroach stomping. While the idea of killing them does appeal to me, it’s far from an erotic thrill!

  8. Turn-on? That just irritates the hell out of me-I think of all the effort it took to build that layout,and all the trains and stuff she is wrecking. Not my cup of tea at all!

  9. Goddamn…Lawboy, that Japanese secretary clip just made me blow a fuse or something. Sheeew eeee…I love Japanese girls.

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