Sister Furong – Banned from web in China?

Sister Furong

Sister Furong is a young woman in Beijing who has somehow become hugely popular on the internet for posting supposedly provocatively posed photos and making somewhat silly egotistical statements about herself. The latest news to come out recently is that China intends to ban her internet presense even though she has not even come close to posing nude or written about sexual exploits like some other notorious Chinese bloggers who were banned from the internet.
Sister Furong

I first found out about Sister Furong yesterday in an article talking about her being banished from the web which I reposted in this message in my Asian Divas Yahoo Group.

Here is an excerpt:

Sister Furong started the craze by posting pictures of herself — draped back-down over a stone ball, bent at the knees with her chest thrust out suggestively and in other poses — on Internet bulletin boards of two top Beijing universities to which she had tried but failed to gain entrance.

The shots, and accompanying captions and passages she wrote proclaiming her own beauty and talent, became a campus sensation.

Sister Furong

Here is a link to some more pictures of Sister Furong.

Here are some more articles about her:

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She has an officially sanctioned English blog but be warned that it doesn’t come up properly in Internet Explorer (looks fine in Firefox).

Sister Furong

While doing research, I came across this amusing blog entry about Sister Furong from this guy in Malaysia. He said that Sister Furong wrote to him and asked him to print out the picture of her lying in the grass and hang it on the wall above his bed.

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  1. Interesting post badboy! Her claim to have a 50cm waist is absolutely ludicrous – that would make her smaller than the the tiny waist queen Jun Kusanagi! I guess if you keep saying the same thing enough times people will start to believe you… 😉

  2. This is very interesting … I never heard of any of them …. so this is all so very new to me 🙂 I think Xia Xue is very cute

    So can some one tell me why they are trying to ban her? I try to read all the links that i can but still I don’t understand why the chinese gov. want to do that…

  3. The Chinese government’s suppression of Falun Gong has had exactly the same effect – a once unknown cult is now popular throughout the world! Actually, we were kind of hoping to get some critcism from the Bush administration for what Sachiko says about them in her FAQ, but no luck so far unfortunately! 😉

  4. I think any government is ‘out of hand’ by definition :))

    Banning something is the best publicity anyone could have….

  5. I wonder if people in China can see asian-sirens? or maybe it is banned at the core routers there too?

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