Another Model ID Request


While we’re on the subject of model ID requests, I’d be very interested in info on the very slender model above. I’m sure she’ll be too slim for many people’s taste, but a lot of young Asian girls are built like this, yet you almost never see them as models. I find this fact very intriguing – is it because these types of girls just don’t want to be models, or that there just isn’t (perceived to be) much of a market for them?

The above pic was taken from Slim Angels, but I’ve seen her pics in a few other places around the net – but never with a name unfortunately.

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  1. Girls that are very skinny are very good for clothing they can model nearly any kind of clothes and will look good. So skinny girls should consider modeling runway 🙂

  2. The interseting thing about these sorts of Asian girls is that they aren’t anorexic at all – they just naturally have this super-slender build. I see girls like this all the time, and they clearly are healthy.

    I agree with Naomi though that these sorts of girls look better in clothes than nude. But I’m still intirigued as to why so few of these girls become models (either glamour or fashion).

  3. Wow i wish i can be skinnier and with out diet or eatting less

    I believe as long as you do not look unhealthy naked, you should be able to do nude modeling.

    Some girls are perfectly healthy but look unhealthy to the photographer than that photographer is not going to want to shoot her .. and if this happens to a few photographer … *sigh* she just going to have to get lucky and find the Slim angels dot com.


  4. Well Naomi, it seems you have a lot of fans who like you just the way you are. 🙂

    The other interesting thing about these sorts of girls is that they almost always become a lot bigger after they have children. I don’t mean they just get fatter – their frame (bone structure) actually gets bigger. This only seems to happen to Asian women – other races have basically the same frame throughout their lives. A very interesting phenomonon!

  5. Naomi, that was very diplomatic of you in your responses! I almost posted a comment similar to Robin based on my first impression. Like Lee says, there may be some girls who are naturally that thin. The problem becomes when some women aspire to look like that and starve themselves and develop eating disorders like anorexia and bullimia. Naomi, you have a very sexy body IMHO and show it off to great effect on your member site.

  6. Thank you BadBoy for the compliments 🙂 For girls that became the anorexia and bullimia … I have to say i consider that adnormal actions so i would rather think they are very healthy ladies unless proven that they have those unhealthy habbits. In that case, that would not be good or healty for them. And that would just be sad 🙁 I strongly disagree with actions like that.

    by the way Xennex.. very cute girl with pretty boobs.. 🙂

  7. By the way about me being a fine size….

    I seriously think i would look better if i was a little more skinnier. Also because i do not tan myself sometimes on photoshoot i can look extra chubby.

  8. Well Naomi, I should stress that Sachiko’s weight would be unhealthily low for most girls her height – it’s just that she has unusually long and slim legs for her height.

  9. I think long legs are very sexy Sachiko is gifted with lots of goodies 🙂 YUP~!

    And she doesn’t look unhealthy even though her weight seem unhealthily low for her height. Actually she look rather lively and very health asian .. don’t you think?

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