Jessica Alba: not Asian, but who cares?

Jessica Alba

When I first saw this actress in Dark Angel, I quickly drew two conclusions: she was Filipina, and she was one of the sexiest girls I’ve ever seen in my life. Turns out I was completely wrong on the first score (apparently she’s a mixture of French, Danish, Mexican, American Indian and Spanish!), but she sure does look Asian – and I don’t think too many people would disagree with me on my second conclusion! :-)You may recall from my previous Devon Aoki post that Robin and I had a bit of a debate as to whether Jessica qualifies for inclusion on Asian Sirens. Well, seeing as Robin is now safely on a plane to Vietnam I figure now’s my chance! As I also mentioned in that post, she is currently appearing (along with Devon) in the great film Sin City, as well as the major hit film Fantastic Four. Asian or not, let’s face it: she’s hot, both in appearance and in Hollywood!

Her IMDB profile is here, and probably her number one fan site is The Alba Area. I only wish she wouldn’t bleach her hair. 🙁

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  1. Thanks Zamscan – will go through these tomorrow. And it is very difficult to encode URLs with the blog software Marco uses (especially in comments) – hopefully he can find a way to make it easier soon!

  2. You know how they give people honorary degrees at universities. Maybe we can designate Jessica Alba as an honorary “Asian”.

    If you want to stretch the definition of Asian even further, some people believe that native American Indians originally came from Asia over the Bering straights into Alaska and then migrated southward. Eskimos in Alaska definitely have many Asian characteristics.

  3. I object!!!

    (First time I am able to look at Asian-Sirens here. It’s not really appropriate to look at adult sites here in Vietnam in public. But now I have a pc facing a wall 😉 Okay guys, looks like my absence is not a big deal, judging the recent postings! Good work! Keep it up! Greetings from ‘Nam, home of best looking Asian women… ;-))

  4. i already buy “into the blue” DVD, and the story not good but waw, lots of jessica buttshot and nipple in see through bikini

  5. This is again a case of policy. If the policy is that sometimes a non-Asian model may be featured, then its ok. If not, she has to go 🙂

  6. Yeah, I guess that is the policy around here. It is okay sometimes. But I am against it! There are more then enough non-Asian babe sites. We should focus on ‘the essence of Asian beauty’…

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