Shu Qi

Shu Qi

There was a time when Asian movies were something you only saw on old scratched VHS tapes, and they were hard to come by. That changed with the arrival of the DVD format. Soon Asian films reached the far corners of the world, and everywhere people started to realize that the region had something truly unique to offer. And in this case I don’t mean only cheap DVD’s 😉

One of my all time favorites is Li Lin Hui better known as Shu Qi or Hsu Chi. Shu Qi was born on April 16, 1976 in Taiwan and with a face and body to die for she started modelling at age 17. It didn’t take a long time before Hong Kong producer Manfred Wong tracked her down and became her agent. He signed her for Sex & Zen II and the rest is history.

Definitely the best resource for Shu Qi can be found at Uffe Stegmann’s website Don’t forget to check out the multimedia galleries including her Playboy spread.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve always loved Hsu Chi – she’s definitely one of the prettiest of all Asian models, and her body is a natural wonder. Even though her breasts aren’t as large as I would normally like, in her case she’s just such a ntural beauty that even I wouldn’t want her to have breast surgery.

  2. Lee, you keep mentioning the breast sizes and the surgery thing. (Which IMHO is a sad development and should only be done when a girl REALLY is unhappy with her boobs.)

    No offence intended, but can you explain why this is so important for you? 😉

  3. Well, I am too… 😉

    Guess there are just different men-types and this whole breast thing is a non-discussion. You just like ’em big, or you don’t. (And you like ’em real, or you don’t ;-))

  4. Yeah, pretty much. But on the other hand, I’ve found that a lot of the men who say they don’t like big breasts actually do. For example, before Sachiko got implants a lot of people told her she shouldn’t get them – including many men who told her they didn’t like big tits. But after she got them absolutely everybody loved them, including women!

  5. She’s beautiful! If you read her bio on IMDB, it states she “Has a “manic” acting style, which (unfortunately) has won her detractors.” What is implied by her acting being “manic”? I’ve never seen any of her work so I’m a bit clueless…

  6. Hmmm, I wouldn’t describe her acting that way on the basis of what I’ve seen – if anything I feel she’s a little understated! But I’ve only seen a few of her films.

  7. My brother is a big fan of hers. He actually introduced me to her movies. She is beautiful, no doubt about it.

  8. I just watched the Transporter. A stupid action movie, but Shu Qi made it all worth while. She is a beauty. I did see her before in Millennium Mambo. The site really offers some nice material! 🙂

  9. She also starred in ‘My wife is a gangster 3’ 🙂 While I was watching that particular movie, her beauty absolutely hypnotized me.

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