Celine Chau

Celine Chau. (Photography: Gian Andrea Di Stefano)

I accidently found this exotic beauty while surfing the web for some new models. I am not sure if she is originally from Singapore, but she lives there now. According to MinxModels.com she became one of the industry’s most sought after models. Well, if this is so, why can I only find a couple of sites about her? Some nice glamour pictures can be found at BWGreyscale.com (scroll down a bit.)

Did she succeed as a fashion model? Anyone?

Celine Chau. (Photography: Gian Andrea Di Stefano)

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  1. She was born in Singapore as well. As far as I’ve read the article at minxmodels, she’s just started her international career last year so no wonder that you can’t find a lot of info yet. Perhaps you should check the Singaporean web instead of the English sites.

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