Shu Qi @

Shu Qi @

We have posted about Shu Qi (aka: Hsu Chi, Shu Kei, Li-Hui Lin) twice before (first post & second post), but I don’t think you will mind me posting about my favourite Asian actress once more 🙂

96 great photo’s (some quite explicit!) of her at the one and only

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  1. Your favourite eh? Can’t say I blame you. She’s definitely one of the prettiest Asian models of all time, and has a great on screen presence.

  2. The Transporter was good fun. Some awesome action/fight scenes, a great villian, and great chemistry between Frank and Shu. The sequel was terrible.

  3. I saw through that movie yesterday, wishing i had a fast forward button. Then i caught a part of something called AXA, Asian Excellence Awards – another boring & self-congratulatory show about people in entertainment business. One of the models showing off some fashions was Luana Lani, a smallest girl on a runway, but with by far the shapeliest body.

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