Allenina’s sexy soap?

Allenina's sexy soap

I am not quite sure what to make of this website, but it seems this girl is promoting herself online as an aspiring rich girl, writer/sex columnist, postmodern feminist, porn star, stripper, aspiring actress, webmaster/web designer and documentarian. This at least what she wants us to know. We also get to know she was born in 1973 in China, grew up in Hong Kong, and now lives in Los Angeles. You can also check her out in bikini at (some pics from her at Asianmodelpalooza, so she is a model too?) and she has a Yahoo Group and a MySpace (more pics there).

Ah, okay, just when I was about to submit this posting, I found out she is a transsexual. Right. Well. Jolly good. All this research for nothing! Hell, I’ll post it anyway and file it under ‘Mixed bag’ ;-)But hey, she had me fooled! 😉 Should have looked at the site title right away: :: WELCOME TO ALLENINA.COM :: The Official Website of The Most Desperate Transsexual Woman On The Net ::

This entry at the AdultFilmDatabase would have been a good hint too 😉



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  1. She does look a little masculine, but no more than many other models these days (another unfortunate consequence of the current plastic surgery trends in the US). The best looking trannies seem to come from Korea – not surprsing, seeing as they perform the best plastic surgery in general.

  2. I never would have guessed – from those pictures.

    The porn industry does come up with some funny titles…

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