Former Pats Cheerleader Jie Ralls poses for Playboy

Former New England Patriots cheerleader Jie Ralls (28) is appearing in the current issue (Feb. 2006) of Playboy. Ralls left the squad back in November and had the photo shoot shortly after. The Patriots’ front office said it had no problem with the pictures and that Ralls left the cheerleading squad for her own reasons. (thanx to zamscan)

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0 thoughts on “Former Pats Cheerleader Jie Ralls poses for Playboy”

  1. Yeah absolutely flawless body but no show on the nipples. Didn’t know she left the squad though….too bad.

  2. I remember spotting Jie on the Patriots website. Too bad it’s just a tease spread. I wonder if Playboy knew when they signed her she wouldn’t be showing everything. And if they did how much less they pay.

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