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Meet 24 year old Chinese Exelle at SuperStreetOnline.com.

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  1. While she’s from California, her look and shape are yummily (can I say that?) familiar to me, and typical of Chinese from more developed cities on the mainland.

    danzlover, if you want ‘Chinese’ + ‘naughty’, start beating a path to Shanghai for your summer vacation, where naughty is just another trend to be consumed.

  2. i’m from the big shanghai i definitely agree this girl has mainland drawn all over her… kind of a one hit wonder though she is smokin in that pic up there went through the other ones not too thrilled. haven’t been to my home city in over like 6 years so can’t confirm the whole naughtyness thing but i’ll take your word for it next time i visit and try out the nightlife, inaction

  3. now THIS girl is HOT! just look at those lips! and she looks all natural AND is exactly what she claims to be. no dumb porn-name or fake body parts here! love chinese girls! nice one, robin!

  4. This is exactly what I was talking about in the Maya Sakura post: this girl is okay but totally unremarkable. There’s nothing special about her at all; there would be at least a million girls in China who are more outstanding than her (and at least a million more who are far prettier). I can’t go crazy over a girl unless she is something special: at least Maya (fake tits and all) is something special – abs like her’s are almost unheard of on an Asian girl!

  5. I must agree with the Doc on this one. I don’t see the attraction here. I support her natural features but that is not good enough to overcome the shortcomings in the looks department. I rent a spare bedroom to a prettier and sexier Chinese girl than this.

  6. she is ok but probably from the photoshop…she has soft features but i prefer the hard abs and fake boobies…like Maya and Thitima..
    btw..is Adam MIA now because of the thai nazi?….i am still waiting for more shots of CArtoons :))

  7. nice links meiling…good infor:)

    dont tell me you only like original equipment only New…hard to find that these days bro…most are modified:))…i gues me and doc are the silicone brothers:)

  8. No, it doesn’t take fake boobs and plastic surgery to be remarkable – take my all-time favourite Jun Kusanagi, for example, or Hsu Chi. But to be remarkable, by definition you cannot look like at least a million other girls!

  9. I think she is alright. She’s not unremarkable. If she was, then she wouldn’t have an article on Asian Sirens. But as a model, she’s forgettable. There’s nothing special about her look that differentiates her from the sea of Asian chicks that are or are trying to be models. She’s okay to look at, but how long would she have really lasted as a model?

    I love natural beauty and it doesn’t take fake boobs and plastic surgery to be remarkable, it just takes a look that is remarkable. It takes more than just being Asian and wearing next to nothing. The issue that I have with Import modeling is that it may provide plenty of pretty Asians to look at, but only a select few are remarkable. You can’t look like a million other girls that are out there if you if want to make it as a model.

    And this is also part of the reason why I am collecting more photos of beauties from Japan. I’m tired of the forgettable models and poor photo quality.

    And what is up with modeling these days? Back in the day you still had to be really hot to be an Import model.

  10. “…abs like [Maya’s] are almost unheard of on an Asian girl!” – Doc

    Hmmm, wait a minute…I think I remember something….somewhere… oh yeah… KOBE TAI HAS ABS!


    Yes, Asian women CAN have abs. Anyone can have abs! Just stop eating deep fried pork rinds and do some sit-ups!

    Doc, Hsu Chi is an all-time ass kicker! A classic forever hottie.

    As for the posted girl, whatever her name is…nice panties.

  11. After reading the past few comment, It almost seems like everyone is getting tired of asian models or something. Maybe everyones standards are a little high or just a little too picky. She looks good to me.

  12. Hi K4K – I was wondering if you’d bring Kobe into this. 😉 Yes, she does have a very trim and taut stomach, but it is still unusually so for an Asian girl. And she still can’t quite match Maya’s six pack. 🙂

  13. Sounds like a Celebrity Deathmatch challenge to me! (or should that be a Pornstar Mudwrestling Ab match?)

    Maya is taller, younger, weighs more, newer implants…but she doesn’t have the years of hardcore experience Kobe does. I give Kobe 3-1 odds for the win!

    Regardless…still nice panties.

  14. [putting on flame suit]

    The problem with Kobe is that she looks kinda like a ladyboy – she basically has the body of a very lean and fit guy with implants stuck on top. Maya still has feminie curves, even though she looks like she works out all day.

    [I’ll keep my flame suit on for now until K4K responds ;-)]

  15. kobe has a better face..but Maya has a better bod and boobies not to mentioned a nicer kitty:)

  16. It’s not so much who Kobe is so much as it’s what she does (or used to do). Ab prolific Maya may, I repeat MAY, look better on paper but thus far it’s Kobe who rules my…uh…heart via her hardcore action sequences.

    Flame schmame! To me Kobe is an Asian icon. Not much wrong with her in my eyes (although a bit scary looking later in her career!). Not much wrong with Maya either…

    Now Exelle on the other hand…terrible, cheap stage name. But nice panties.

  17. what ever happened to Kobe anyway..i like her looks but a tad too bony for me..she was hot in that movie “very bad things”…she was the escort/dancer in the begining of the film…very nice

  18. Kobe had a kid and retired. Then came returned to do that ‘Jenna Loves Kobe’ flick. She permanently retired (sob!) before she was 30. But what a great legacy. Not to mention the abs. And panties.


  19. Oh yeah, Doc, I found some other Asian model who has great abs too. You might not know her and I’ll try to spell her name correctly…um…S-U-N-G H-I L-E-E!

    Check her post-2000 pics. There’s a few abalicious shots in her collection.

    (NOT to be confused with Bruce Lee, although he had the best Asian abs of all time!)

  20. Yep, Sung Hi did have great abs, but still no match for Maya IMHO. Of course, she was more than a match for Maya in other respects though…

  21. i actually like some of her pics on her myspace page better. the pink top is especially nice. maybe she excels as an average woman.

  22. Nope. 😉 Actually, Sachiko has a concave stomach, which I have even more of a fetish for than hard abs. But they are even rarer – not just for Asian girls, but anyone. Can anybody put me on to any other models with concave stomachs? Asians are preferred of course, but not essential in this case.

  23. A fetish by any other name…

    CONCAVE stomachs?!? WTF?!

    That’s all I have to say about that.

  24. Yes, I should have said ‘non-anorexic’. Some women just have a physique that gives them a concave stomach naturally – the most famous example is probably Bo Derek. I love it!

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