Mandy Amano is “That Pepsi Girl”

Mandy Amano

If you’re a Mac fan, then you guys might have seen this girl’s face passed around before as she’s posed in lingerie with a Mac in the past. Her major breaking advert was the one shown during the 2005 Superbowl where she was labeled That Pepsi Girl right after. She’s been dubbed the Asian Audrey Hepburn numerous times. Interesting mix of Japanese and Irish as well!

Her other photos can be seen on the Thai Girls website, which need a little bit of your time right now in hopes that you will vote for it to win a redesign. It will only take a second readers. Thank you!

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0 thoughts on “Mandy Amano is “That Pepsi Girl””

  1. she does have a nice body and good face frame. but her skin looks very fragile, she looks like that she will age really fast. I might be mistaken, how old is she? She looks like she’s in her late 30’s.

  2. Late 30’s. That’s not old, let me tell you. I’m 34 and my late 30’s are right around the corner. Who gives a rat’s ass. I sure don’t. I feel like I’m only 21 because I go cycling every other night after work. All you hardcore joggers out there, don’t know what you’re missing. Buy a bicycle, you’ll go farther, and get healthier.

  3. (arf is right, cycling is healthier than jogging! low impact cardio rules. can you still get your heart rate up to 180?)

    i agree, i like her face frame. i could see an audrey hepburn analogy.

  4. Everyone, how about the “Pepsi”? Do they agree with this girl? She is preety but her shirt is black should be in blue, white, and red.
    And I don’t think so she takes gym exercise.
    About physical exercise not bicycle only but others are good also.
    Dr. Lee, you are the expert, did you put some implant on her? I think she is 30-35 years.

  5. I don’t see any evidence of breast implants, if that’s what you mean. She just has a padded bra/bikini top – I don’t think there’s anything to speak of underneath.

  6. Mandy reminds me of Alyssa Milano and she has great abs. I would love to lick some chocolate syrup off of them. She doesn’t have much up top but that’s fine with me.

    Any exercising is great. There are just way too many people these days who don’t even exercise. The best exercise to do is swimming unless you swim like a rock. I don’t bother with jogging because it doesn’t get your heart rate high enough. Jumping rope and cycling are much better than running because they are low impact and they get your heart rate up. I used to run 6 mi/9.6km 3 times a week and I hated it.

  7. nice…next to boobs, nice tone arms and a long neck…a tone stomach is very sexy….oh i forgot long legs and no elephant ankles…or cankles? did i leave anything out ?

    …i guess for doc it would be no big labias :)))

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