Shocotan Performs Classic Anime Theme

Only the queen of Japanese geekiness could pull off this many levels of awesome. Japanese gamer-blogger-cosplayer idol Shoko Nakagawa performs her version of the Dragon Ball ending theme, Romantic Ageruyo — complete with cosplay. Only a true anime fan could deliver such a credible performance of such a timeless classic, and Shocotan delivers in spades.

This is Shocotan’s third music video, and it’s her best to date — less bubblegum, more geekiness. Also check out her other two videos, Brilliant Dream and Strawberry Melody.

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  1. You have no idea how much I enjoyed that. She displayed such charisma in that video, I loved it. Also, I am a Dragon Ball fan, so that is an added bonus. Was that her singing? I thought so until the end where she wasnt synched. Loved the video. [see what happens when you post something other than happy slip? you make somebody happy.]

  2. While I just thought the video was alright, I am a huge Dragon Ball fan. Its got to be one of the best TV series ever. I wish they still had it on TV here so I didn’t have to watch it on DVD.

  3. This girl is definitley cute, but I really had to turn the sound down. And there are people here who are into Dragon Ball Z? Perhaps we need to set-up some kind of age verification for joining AS. 😉

  4. You had to turn the sound down, Doc? I’m listening to this over and over again. 😉

    Shocotan’s voice is an acquired taste — but once you acquire that taste, you’re hooked. 🙂

  5. It’s an anime classic, Doc. It’s chintzy, but timeless. 🙂

    Yes, jdrevenge, listening to Shocotan’s voice puts a huge smile on my face. =D

  6. Alodia’s hot for sure, but her eyes are kind of freaky to look at for too long. Almost eerie.

  7. wait, so, sony records produces these videos? are these popular in their respective homecountries? is this the equivalent in japan of, say, US movie soundtracks?

  8. That doesn’t look like the same Alodia. I’d never know if I didn’t know. But I know now.

  9. Wow, the eyelash extensions Alodia is wearing in that first pic make her eyes look incredibly scary (too adorable, literally). She is really cute though.

  10. Shoku looks very delectable with those stockings and that skirt in strawberry melody. My what a little darling she is.

  11. I am sure geeks do prefer doll faces. It can make them look shy, girlish and – with glasses – cute in a bookish way.

    Great video – made me smile!

  12. Wow, we’ve got quite a few DragonBall haters here. Well, I’ve come to realize that there will always be people who dismiss anything thats animated. Its their loss though because theres some really good stuff out there e.g. Ninja Scroll and Akira.

  13. I don’t simply dismiss anything that’s animated – I think the Simpsons is brilliant, for example, and I love most of the Pixar films (plus the Shrek series). But I really think the curent ‘Japanimation’ series (like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon) are just rubbish. I’ve been told the ‘classic’ Japanimation series were actually very good, but I’ve never seen them personally. I also haven’t yet seen a Studio Gibley film, but by all accounts they are excellent.

  14. And doc, for the intended age groups, dbz as well as the first season of pokemon were certainly not rubbish. And for another non-rubbish show, searh ‘kenshin ova 1’ on youtube.

  15. I should have said “the current popular Japanimation series” – like most things these days, the stuff that gets the most promotion is usually rubbish, but I’m sure there’s still some good stuff around if you look hard enough. It’s certainly this way with music anyway!

  16. doc you forgot beavis and butthead…ultra clasic and Southpark…very you get these downunder?

  17. How could I forget South Park? Great! Interestingly, Beavis and Butthead never appeared on free to air TV here as far as I’m aware.

  18. beavis and buthead is a little darker and more crude but must watch it….:)

  19. uh this is very off-topic, and i’ve been trying to think of a way to incorporate this into a comment on the girls posted (shokotan and alodia), but i really have nothing to say about them since they’re not bad looking and i know nothing about cosplay. what i wanted to say was… i just went to your blog, mike, and if you look like your photo then you are quite cute. teehee

  20. the obvious solution in this situation is a menage a trois. am i right or AM I RIGHT?

    i prefer australia over the philippines. willing to relocate if mike is. LOL jk

  21. menage a quatre somehow does not sound as appealing but if you’re cute enough lawboy maybe we can ‘squeeze’ you in.

    dang, i was hoping that by regularly commenting i would offer insightful comments on the women posted on but all i’m doin’ is spewin’ my sex puns all over the place hahaha

    lol if i came over i would probably do something stupid like accidentally walk in on a sachiko photoshoot, pajamas and bunny slippers on, wondering where you put the cereal. the following day, there would probably be a great photo of sachiko and a poorly photoshopped/cropped out chinese girl in the background in pajamas, all groggily holding a milk carton and pointing a finger at the camera

  22. Yeah, I thought you would raise the level of the comments at AS, but it seems we’ve lowered the level of your’s instead. 😉

    I also have to say that the scenario you imagine sounds very cute. 😉

  23. What the hell happened to this topic. ANYWAYS, that shoko is sure cute. I’d like to see her do more of these anime remake vids in the future. [attempting to get back on topic]

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