Asian Beauty on Flickr

Asian Beauty on Flickr

A while back, Robin pointed out some great photo groups on Flickr. I just discovered the Asian Beauty group myself. Check out some of their excellent shots.

Asian Beauty on Flickr
Asian Beauty on Flickr

Also check out this slideshow of their beauties.

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  1. This is a real hodge podge – the only thing unifying these photos is that they feature Asian women. Apart from that, the style varies wildly, as does the quality (of both the photography and the subjects).

  2. arf, the girl in red only looks cute in that photo you posted up ’cause her face is covered 60% by wispy bangs. her face is actually very round – and this isn’t a problem, but she also has really large cheeks, so her face doesn’t look very contoured and that’s why she needs all of that hair.

    if you can imagine yourself doing one of those romantic moving-her-hair-behind-her-ears-before-you-kiss-her moves, i think afterward you’d probably think, “oh dang gurl, nvm ttyl”

  3. the first picture gets my vote. from this angle she appears to have comely features, so i’m going to bet five dollars that she has a pretty face

  4. no way, christine, second pic without doubt. you can see the face in it, and it looks good. I hate the showing thong in the first pic, too ‘slutty’, and her jaw looks square from this angle.

  5. christine, why do you feel the need to over analyze that poor girls looks. I’m not that picky. It would be better if they were naked. You are right about the first shot though. Especially after pointing out her comely features, whatever means. Sounds good to me.

  6. I am mostly in agreement with Christine – the girl in the third photo does have somewhat odd facial proportions, although she still has a certain kind of ‘cuteness’ about her, even if she isn’t technically very pretty. I would also agree that the girl in the first photo is the most attractive one here, although the second one isn’t bad.

    And arf, women are naturally analytical of other women’s looks, because they are always analyzing their own (e.g. make up, hair style etc.). 🙂

  7. haha dr. lee is right, arf! we’re always overanalyzing our own so it’s not like we’re being picky or whatever, this stuff is second-nature to us

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