Reon Kadena Breast Test

Funy but incomprehendible clip with Reon Kadena.

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0 thoughts on “Reon Kadena Breast Test”

  1. I just watched that with such fascination, I’m now hungry and I feel giddy. I love Reon’s boobs.

  2. Not fair, the girl could actually feel it…
    If I was one of the guys, I’d ask for a test too!
    Oh, those boobs, makes me… never mind.

  3. My Breast Check is better.
    I use the suction of my mouth to determine the bouyancy of the interior mammary glands…

    EVERY Breast is a WINNER !

  4. I can play nice…with Reon’s bosoms that is. Sorry Doc if that’s too descriptive, but I love them so.

  5. Asiandreamland took the words right out of my mouth.

    Yes, what a fine, fine pair of breasts. And, as always, she is incredibly cute.

  6. I was stationed on Kadena (AB Okinawa), but unfortunately not ON Kadena. Alas, I never saw anyone there that looked this good.

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