Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo

And for those of you into the whole hair thing: there are many more clips to find.

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  1. It’s easily the quality I like most about Asian women, the hair. There’s an erotic quality to these (an all the other hair ads), with women tossing around these amazing, silky locks. Look at Zhang Ziyi, referred to in badboy’s link.

    There’s dozens of those Tsubaki ads! They must have really penetrated the culture: they’ve done parodies; this one is really good:

  2. I too prefer long, straight, raven black hair — so black that it has a slight blue tint to it (as opposed to having a slight brown tint). It’s definitely at the top of my favorite Asian features list (which is why seeing blonde Asians is such a turn-off). Deep, dark — almost black — eyes is second. 🙂

  3. After living for years in both Japan and Thailand, Thai shampoo ads beat Japan Shampoo ads hands down. Sunsilk comes to mind… See here:

    here: (Indonesia not bad either).

    and here:

    Amature Hair Junkies will like:



    Thailand’s just kind of better over all:


  4. Quantum Force I’m am totally with you on that! Nothing better than glossy, bluish-black hair. I find northern Asians (J/K/C) tend to have that, while s/e Asians (T/V) have what really is dark brown hair. I dated a woman from Costa Rica (of course, not Asian) who had absolutely beautiful long, slightly wavy bluish-black hair–that’s why I first chatted her up! She turned out to be a hair stylist (no wonder the beautiful hair) and admitted she dyed her already black hair to get the blue tones. That kind of attention to the hair–I just love it!

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