Wei Tang in Ang Lee’s new movie: Lust, Caution


I can’t wait to see Ang Lee’s new movie, “Se Jie” or “Lust, Caution,” an erotic spy thriller set in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. More to the point, I can’t wait to see more of his new actress Wei Tang.”Lust, Caution” will be released in the U.S. on September 28, and it is much anticipated. The film just yesterday won the Golden Lion award (top prize) at the Venice Film Festival. Wei Tang herself is described in today’s New York Times (in “Breaking Through,” an article about new actors), as “the sort of deeply expressive actress who can look ordinary one moment and utterly captivating the next.” Much of the movie deals with her transformation from innocent to seductress and spy, and there are some very hot sex scenes (including “explicit sodomy,” according to some sources). In fact, the movie has an NC-17 rating. CNN says that “sources who have seen the film said it contains at least three scenes — one a long montage — featuring multiple acts of aggressive sexual activity in different positions. There’s no full-frontal male nudity (the source of some NC-17 rulings when shown in sex scenes), but male-on-female oral sex, non-S&M restraints and several nontraditional sexual positions are depicted, conveying the aggression and emotional conflict between the main characters. When asked if anyone was shown, say, upside down, one viewer said, “It depends on where you’re standing. They’re very flexible.”

Despite all the buzz, it is hard to find biographical information about Wei Tang. An article from china.org.cn reports that “she was born in 1979, in Zhejiang Province, and graduated from the directing department of the Central Academy of Drama. For her performance in the TV movie, Policewoman Yanzi, she won CCTV Movie Channel’s Lily Award for best female role.”

I can’t wait to learn more!

Photo from International Herald Tribune showing Ang Lee with Wei Tang.

Movie Trailer.

Wei Tang with costar Tony Leung in Venice.
Photo from china.org.cn.

UPDATE: Jeff was kind enough to supply us with some screenshots of the film! 🙂





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  1. I too can’t wait to see it! Too bad re the NC-17 rating. That spells box office death. It won’t show in the multi-plex chains. But the whole US ratings system, the MPAA, is fascist. They give stronger rating if it’s an “unusual” sex position (thank you, puritanical sex-hating Christians), if it’s gay sex, or if a woman is enjoying herself a bit too much. Full-frontal male nudity gets an NC 17 but female does not. They go far easier on violence than on sex. They are a private organization that conducts its proceedings in secret and is accountable to no one. A good documentary about them is “This Film is Not Yet Rated”, about the harm they do to freedom of expression. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0493459/
    Fast forward over the boring private detective stuff.

  2. …also most TV, magazines, and newspapers refuse to sell ad space to NC-17 movies. So no matter how fine this film is, it is doomed economically in the US. Sucks.

  3. This movie wasn’t going to do well at the box office to begin with because of its limited along with its rating. But nonetheless, this is going to be a great movie and I can’t wait until it comes out. As for its rating, it’s ridiculous how a movie with a few sex scenes receives an NC-17 rating when the horror-porn that’s been released over the past few years get R ratings. Movies depicting graphic violence are far worse than movies with a few sex scenes in them.

  4. Action shoot-em-up violent thrillers routinely get only PG-13 (parental guidance suggested for kids under 13-some material not suitable for small children). As long as people are shot but there’s no blood, it doesn’t even get an R. Great message for the kiddies: multiple automatic gunshots ok, showing the realistic carnage that is the natural result, not ok. As a result, many local TV stations were too scared of being fined by the federal gov’t and refused to air Saving Private Ryan. What a country.

  5. Wow, Wei Tang is beautiful. Certainly worthy of the title “Asian Siren”.

    Excellent post (even without nudity).

    But, that would have made it even better.


  6. The NC-17 rating is irrelevant because this film was destined for the art house circuit the moment it wasn’t shot in English. It also won’t hurt the film in regards to video sales or rentals; it’s not hard at all to find a copy of The Dreamers (a recent NC-17 film) for rent or purchase.

  7. Actually, Arcturus, Blockbuster did not carry NC-17 movies (as opposed to “unrated” movies) I’m not sure it that’s changed now that they are competing with NetFlix.

    If that’s still the policy, it may impact rentals.

  8. Indeed this woman is a mega beauty. I had a chance to catch the trailer last month on the big screen before Rescue Dawn, and was struck hard by the innocent seductiveness Tang Wei was pumping out. No lie I feel in love with this broad. I’ll definitely catch Ang Lee’s new film. What’s not to like with Lust, Caution? It has a destinctive director, one of the best actors of our time with Tony Leung, and of course the beauty of Tang Wei. Good Stuff.

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  10. Tang wei is pretty. I give her credit for being brave enough to do a nude, nice bush too. Nice to see she keeps it natural. That is very good 🙂 But anyway though, she is quite talented and pretty. hope to see more of her too in the future.

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