Anya @

Anya @

A tip from one of our readers led me to Anya at Anya is from Mongolia, and since we don’t see a lot of models from that country I figured it was worth a mention here.

While you are there, be sure to check out Agnes (also from Mongolia) and Rowena from Thailand.

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  1. She’s not too bad at all, though I don’t care for the tattoo (never do). It is true that we rarely see anyone out of Mongolia on here, though. I wonder why…

  2. Helooooooooo Agnes. 😉

    I recently had a Mongolian co-worker and it’s a shame she never modeled. A *real* shame.

  3. I remember seeing her last year. Not bad… One thing that I kind of dislike are her eyebrows. jd, that tat’s so small, if you squint it will disappear. Not like some of those hideous tramp stamps and ankle tattoos.

    Tattoos can look good, but there are so many awful ones out there. It’s a shame.

  4. Sexy curves, only the eyebrows are ‘funny’, but apart from that, it’s a delight. Such is Anya.

    Rowena has some crude looks, but hot to me too!

    Good find on Anya, Robin!

  5. I’ve known about Anya for a while. She has a cute face but her body is average at best. I don’t know WTF is going on with her eyebrows. I wish women would leave their eyebrows alone unless they have a unibrow or something. I’m disappointed that W4B doesn’t have hotter Asian models given how hot the rest of the models that are featured are.

    And here is a link.

  6. Good to feature some Mongolians, Robin. There’s beauty to be had, as you see from Agnes, she’s very cute and has a great little body.

    I remember I was having a coffee here in SF and there was this girl, who looked to be the biggest (not fat, just the tallest and largest) Asian I’ve ever seen, couldn’t figure out where she was from, and the weird thing was that she was speaking Russian! We talked, she said she was from Mongolia. I never had met one; this is an untapped resource for women. After all it is the “Mongoloid” features that many of us like about Chinese and other Asians.

  7. i was about to say the same as doc…the eyebrows give me the creeeps…cant imagine her without makeup…
    rowena on the hand is hot hot :))

  8. Buba, wow, the first girl is just my type. She looks exactly like one of the hot women at my bank and another at the grocery store. I’ve been wondering about their ethnicity.

  9. daznlover: you are “nuts on” about Rowena

    also I think her butt sort of sets up the whole package…or sets up the shot..anyway she is great…..

  10. I love that series especially the traditional settings and dress. It has been floating around the web for years. They appear to be regular girls probably college students office workers etc. The photographer I believe is Korean.

  11. Wrong you are. Couldn’t be more off. Are you trying to be funny?
    In one photo there is a billboard in Mongolian. The tour bus is a Mongolian company. Another shot shows a traditional kitchen of a Mongolian yurt.

  12. And besides, they most certainly look Mongolian.
    On the other hand, there is no Jewish “look”. We can be blond/blue eyes, dark skinned & hair/brown eyes, etc.

  13. SherBo, all the available information points to her Mongolian heritage. If you actually have any facts to back up your assertion that she is Jewish, then give them to us. Otherwise, keep your apparently baseless opinions to yourself. Besides, what does it matter what her religion is? We don’t point it out when a model is Christian or Buddhist, for example.

  14. it was a joke..they ovious they were not Jewish, someone said they were Korean…And being Jewish is more then a religion it is also a race and a culture… Saying they are Jewish is no more then saying they are Chinese Jaoanese or Korean…..
    I hope you stand corrected…..and it was humor….not religious… The biggest joke is when someone says they look Jewish… Im 6’4″ blond hair freckels and green eyes, and people always say you dont look Jewish and I always say what does a Jew look like……..

  15. I said I believe the photographer is Korean, not the models…enough already.

    I so wanna go to Mongolia and take in the scenery & culture! The women, I’ve heard, are unspoiled. So few are in the US, I’ve not had much opportunity to meet any. Yeah I know, they can’t all look like Agnes, but what the hey…

  16. Daznlover, that’s why I need her.
    Arf, what’s wrong with you? Washing car until caught or you nude until caught? Which is the right one?

  17. Thanks Bubalabobo, I’ve been busy PCSing back to the states:( and I forgot my password after losing it when my old email was closed. How’s it going Niners…It’s a long story, maybe later. I have fallen in love with Rowena’s little body, though. Daddy likey. ^_^

  18. Arf, that is very hurt me.
    Share her with me and I will share tenderloin boobs with you :))).
    When you were not here, everything went following the plan. Now, it is your homework to evaluate everything we have done. Hope, you are not too busy in the states.

  19. Yes Niners…I’ve been very busy with the homework. I’m all sleepy now. But I don’t mind sharing one bit. Now where’s the boobs tenderloin at. ^_^

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