Sheila Ferrari Molina


Sheila Ferrari Molina is an aspiring singer and model that lives in the US but hails from the Philippines. She won miss Philippines USA in 2003 and is currently a television host.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Located: USA
Ethnicity: Filipino, British, and Spanish










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  1. Nice go’in Tr…I didn’t know girls could have eyes that big!! (uhh..the other big parts aint so bad either =:-p )

  2. Come on guys – you aren’t fooled by coloured contacts that easily, are you? No doubting how big her other pair are though. 😉

  3. Curvy is putting it lightly…she’s overflowing! Vavavoom. Yes, agreed on the contacts for that anime look. Cute face!

  4. Talking about small waists (from the other post)! Her proportions (huge doe eyes, mams, wasp waist)–it is almost cartoonish. The hip-to-waist ratio is nuts. Good stuff.

  5. uhhhhhhh it seems that she has lots of facial surgery. Makes her look like a doll. I don’t know. I think she’s too superficial looking…..too UNREAL…

  6. She looks prettier when she shows her teeth though…The first pic looks heavily Photoshopped on her waist compared to the other pics from one of the links…

  7. Caption for pic 6. “Ice cream does a body good, some better than others”. Reminded me of the milk pic of Sung Hi Lee from many years ago with milk running down her body. Several captions had “Milk does a body good, some better than others”.

    At first here eyes did look unusually large but as I went through a second time I didn’t think they looked to large. Not saying it is a bad thing.

    Very pretty girl to say the least.

  8. That first pic made me do a doubletake. The proportions are just so extreme that there has to be some Photoshop going on there.

    As for the eyes, she is either wearing some cartoonish contacts, or she is part of the impending zombie apocalypse.

  9. Oh yes, there’s some serious Photoshopping here and – as I mention above – coloured contacts, which appear to be larger than a normal human iris.

  10. Asian Barbie is a good description. Some very nice pix tho. The one eating ice cream slayed me.

  11. OK OK…no question that Photo #1 is beyond belief. Beyond that: She is a beautiful mix…no matter her parantage! As a U.S. Westerner who lives in the barrio (the Hispanic community)…she fits the profile of a beautiful woman of Spanish heritage, with Asian refinements. It doesn’t get any better than this IMO! =:-D

  12. Just one more thing: Living in Rockbottom,Australia might bring a virile male to resort to a plastic dollie as suggested by Mr.Kroos, (agged on by Dr.No)…it registers (to me) as INSULTING to the featured model and not consistent with the standards to which we must correspond. =:-(

  13. Actually Nighthawk, I doubt she’d interpret it that way. It’s like being compared to a Barbie doll, and she’s clearly made a very conscious effort to go for this type of look – “too good to be true”. And unfortunately, these photos really are too good to be true, although I’ve no doubt she’d be attractive in real life – indeed, I suspect she’d be more attractive without those ridiculous contacts.

  14. Too extreme for me, although she’s as some say, probably lovely ‘in the flesh’.
    But give me a goodlooking sexy natural woman any day.

  15. I was’nt “sold” until the last picture…strangely enough.She looks most “real” in that one…as opposed to the “anime” vibe she gives off in the other pics.Big thumbs up to her boob doctor.Those puppies are gonna be even more awesome when they start to settle.Sure…she could eat crackers in my bed.:-)

  16. Love…Love…Love…endless love on my part. She is crazy hot to me. Did I say I love her? Thanks Travis.

  17. Some fake boobs look better than others, and these are wonderful to see, at least what you can see of them

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