Jasmine Tai – Adversus Cover Model


Recently, we were contacted and informed about Adversus, which is a site devoted to fashion, glamour, models, and Asian lifestyle. I figured that this would be a good opportunity to let readers know about the site as well as discuss Jasmine Tai, who is their latest cover model and someone who I like in particular.Stats:
Age: 29
Height: 5’4′
Weight: 100 lbs
Measurements: 32-24-34
Ethnicity: Thai
Location: Bangkok, Thailand





Jasmine Tai @ Adversus

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0 thoughts on “Jasmine Tai – Adversus Cover Model”

  1. I love the denim shorts. She has an interesting look, I might have guessed Mediterranean. They are definitely nice pics, I’d like to see the uncensored versions.

  2. i have to agree she does have more of a latin look to her then anything else but gorgeous non the less

  3. Very nice proportions for 5″4″.

    Every time there’s a Thai model featured here, someone has to imply she might be a he:-(

  4. It’s hard to tell if a thai model is a he for some reason hahahaha

    But this one…I’m not sure….

  5. Um…My very first thoughts is that she is too masculine for me….Not into that at all.

  6. Two stunners in a row and I don’t care what she looks like. Fine is how she looks to me.

  7. Grrrr…that mouth is just toooo much! Would like MY mouth near that lipstick tat…Grrrr! =:-P

  8. Hot! I’d like to see the uncensored ones as well.

    Sometimes when I come to this site I wonder if some people have some type of gender identity disorder. Did they have a bad experience in the past that makes them question every woman’s gender? J/K!

  9. I think she looks hot and wouldn’t turn her away.

    I do agree she has a slightly masculine look. It is the strong nose line and overly made up eyes that gives the impression. I see the same with famous artists like Lady Gaga and Kimbra.

  10. ERATTA: Her interview with adversus indicates she currently lives and works in Sydney, not Bangkok (see link above).

    The “down-under boys” must now be scouring the city looking for her?! =:-)

  11. A tad too tranny in the face for me. She could probably stand to eat an occasional cheeseburger as well.

  12. Is she or he? I always doubt with Thai, sorry. Since the guys more pretty then the girls.

  13. I’ve never been a fan of Julia Roberts horse lips, and this girl isn’t changing my mind.

  14. Count me in…I don’t see much tranny in her features. But I can be easily fooled…beer is evil in large quantities.

  15. I’ve never been a fan of Thai girls but this girl definitely got my attention. Not my ideal girl, but wow! I definitely would not turn that down. If only the first picture wasn’t censored

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