Sexy Asian Legs + Happy Valentines Day

Sexy Asian Legs!

I’ve always thought Asian ladies had sexy legs because they are usually slim, but still very shapely. Let’s hear your preferences and thoughts about the legs of Asian women.

Did you know many Asian ladies never shave their legs and yet they are smooth as silk. I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t seen (and felt) it for myself with some ladies I’ve dated. Very feminine! Has anyone else experienced naturally smooth legs on a woman?

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  1. Ah . . . One of the things I like best, about my wife. Even at 52, she STILL has the legs of a dancer!

    And, NO: She’s never owned a razor, in her entire life! I’ve inspected every square millimeter of those legs, and I’ve yet to detect the presence of a single hair follicle.

    ‘Razorless’ applies to her underarms, as well. Previously, the thought of unshaved ‘pits’ conjured mental images of Madonna, from 20-odd years ago. Not so, with my Manchu lovely . . . She has about ten whispy, silky little hairs . . . mmmmm . . . sexy!

    I wish I could have met her, when she was 20 . . .

  2. I second the Who is this model question. As for the natural hairless legs, none of the asian women I’ve dated have had that. Must be an urban myth 🙂

  3. I have to second Matso’s post. My wife has never had a razor for all the 31 years we’ve been together. I’ve never detected a single hair on her legs,either. She is also of that age that did not believe in shaving under her arms. None of the Korean,Japanese and Chinese women I knew back before I got married did,either.

  4. I will add my two cents and tell you that I’ve dated two dozen Asian women over my lifetime and the only time I saw one with hair on her legs was a ballet dancer who oddly enough had some on her knees. I then realized it was because she was on her knees a lot for ballet. However, hair in the arm pits is more common. It’s light and wispy but its there nonetheless.

  5. I’ve been married to same sweet Japanese gal for 24 years now. She’s never shaved her legs, ever. Life is good.

  6. Yep, as I often point out, my photos on Sachiko’s site are not touched up at all, yet she has never shaved her legs in her life! But as you can see, they are smooth as silk. One of the “hidden advantages” of Asian women – I really hate the “spiky” feel of shaved legs, and I hate hairy legs even more! Still, in terms of length and slimness, I do think the legs are often Asian women’s weakest point (although not in Sachiko’s particular case).

  7. Lee, do women ever get “leg jobs”? I don’t mean like liposuction, i mean like trying to add curves to skinny legs? I know some women add something to give them more curvey butts.

  8. I guess it would be theoretically possible to add silicone implants to give oneself curvier calves, for example. However, I’m not familiar with this actually being done – because of all the active musculature there, it may be too dangerous and difficult to reshape the muscle tissue and make the implants look seamless. With the butt, you can just stick implants on top without interfering with the muscles, and the shape of the butt makes it easy for them to look seamless. Interesting question though Northman!

  9. Hairless? lmao. I know Japanese and Koreans tend to have “fat” legs, as in thigh and calves are virtually the same. Actually they have surgery to shave down their calves. Yeah before you say anything why don’t you check the posts and look at their calves and compare it with the other Asians you have featured here =p.

  10. you can get a calf augmentation and a calf reduction. however, most asian women tend to get the latter. a lot of asian women have plumper calves – it makes their legs look more shapely, i guess, but sometimes it makes their legs look a bit stocky. i have always had large calves, even when i didn’t work out – i only really noticed it when the skinny jean trend happened and sometimes i couldn’t fit the ultra-tapered ends of the jeans over my calves very comfortably. since doc likes girls with slim non-stocky legs, this is probably why he considers this a weak point in asian women haha

    on the other hand, i don’t really object to having larger calves – i think legs are supposed to be shapely like this and we have the best legs ever!

    unfortunately while many of you have been lucky enough to date the hairless women, i don’t think most asian women are naturally hairless. i still have hair on my legs and underarms, but definitely i don’t have to shave nearly as much as the typical girl. even when i don’t shave, i don’t get a lot of hair – it’s still pretty sparse on my legs. my mom is like this too. underarms are another story :/

  11. if asian women dont start shaving their legs when they are young, they will not have that much hair when they get older….at most they will have very fine baby hair on their legs….underarms they need to be waxed like other women 🙂
    western girls start shaving their legs way too early…like in elementary or jr. high so by the time they get to college age they need to shave all the time. i think waxing is better then shaving anyway..for the girls, not moi 🙂

  12. Hey Christine, can you point me to info about calf augmentation and reduction? As what makes the calves what they are is largely muscle and bone, I am amazed they can be reduced safely! Unless of course you are simply talking about fat removal, which is very common as we all know.

    You may find the most efficient way to “shave” your legs would be to pluck the individual hairs – as they are quite sparse, this will become relatively easy over time. And that way there’s no spiky stubble!

  13. Actually, I think the calf reduction is done by cutting or damaging the nerve to the bulkiest muscle in your calf, the gastronemius muscle, so that the muscle atrophies or gets smaller making the leg look slimmer. I’ve noticed many Korean women have muscular calves which may make them look stocky. Also, this is the not the same thing as “cankles” where your calf and ankle are about the same width.

  14. Thanks for the info gink! That still sounds potentially dangerous to me when the women get older and their muscles atrophy naturally – I would be concerned that they may no longer be able to walk as a result. No matter how much I like slim legs, I would need some serious convincing to allow my partner to do this to herself.

    Is this surgery only performed in Asia, or in the west as well? I guess some Asian doctors practicing in the west might do it, but if it’s mainstream surgery here, it’s news to me!

  15. oh btw doc, you are right – there are some DEFINITE consequences to getting a calf reduction. but, in general, i think women (regardless of race) go to great lengths for beauty so i would not be surprised if a lot of asian women did actually have this operation performed

  16. Lawboy, shaving has no effect on the growth of hair – that is just a a myth that has been going around for centuries I guess.

    When a person shaves, it does not cause the hair to grow back faster, thicker or coarser although our own perception often fools us into thinking it does.

  17. According to Christine’s link, this surgery does appear to be safe in the short term, but I would still be concerned about long term consequences. No matter how much I like long, slim legs, if my partner had stocky legs, I think I would sooner grow to love them than allow her to do this to herself.

  18. really? i have always thought it was true…nevertheless, asian women have very little hair on their legs…i guess they make up for it on the bushes 🙂

  19. One thing that has always kinda made me giggle (yes giggle) is that asian women tend to have quite a bit of hair below the belt (which I LOVE by the way) and not so much anywhere else but their heads. However, if you are a sick puppy like me… you’ll love stubble on a womans legs! EEeeeeeewwwwww, grodies… hahaha. It’s not that I don’t want my women to shave or wax (sometimes they forget) its just that I like the way the little hairs tickle my lips when I am kissing their legs. Fetish much? Ah, not too much? Uh, much too much! Haha!

  20. My wife is from the philippines and has never shaved her legs…nor does she have to. Yet she has a goatee. Is that weird or what. 🙂

  21. Nah man just Korean and Japanese and some Chinese females have these “fat” calves..not like the Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino etc…cause they tend to be skinnier and smaller. Yeah like Christine said it is in Korea where women actually go to these plastic surgeons to get this procedure done =/.

  22. I’ve been married to a Korean and their entire body is silky smooth, except for their head and pubic hair. Of course with pubic hair, the more they have the more furtile they are.

  23. Actually, I didn’t state what I meant clearly above! Of course body builders get this sort of thing done, as they just want to “bulk up”, which is relatively easy to do (like butt implants). I was answering Northman’s question specifically with regard to women, where a more refined and seamless result (and possibly reshaping of the muscles) is required. According to your link it does seem possible to do this, although I’m still not sure the result would look very “curvy” and feminine – just larger and more defined. But I guess this may be what some want.

  24. My experience has been that Asian girls have not had to shave at all to maintain smooth legs. They have seemed to have little hair at all on their arms and legs which I find pretty nice. They do indeed bypass shaving underarms but it doesnt seem to get overgrown. I like at least a little patch down below and have found that the ones I have been with do some trimming in the area to keep it neat but not shaved clean. This has been with Chinese, Korean and Japanese girls for my experiences.

  25. This is actually one of the things that turned me to asians.

    It’s just disgusting to see a white woman with hairy legs. With most asians, legs and body are almost totally hair free, except for a few small parts, and legs are usually so smooth.

    The only part I like hair in a woman is in her head, specially if it’s long. Ok, down there is not forbidden either. 🙂

  26. My sister has virtually no hair on her legs. Even when she says her leg hairs are getting “long” I can never see nor feel them. She has very thin hair on her head though, and less eyelashes than I have. I have very thick and full straight hair on my head, so I have a bit more leg hair than my sister, but compared to my non-Asian friends, my leg hairs are near nonexistent. I shave once a week, but that’s bc I’m picky. I have to model as well, so it’s still best to be safe. They never get prickly though, and you have to inspect very very closely to see anything. Underarms are also like someone else mentioned. I’ve never ever shaved my underarms, bc I only have like 8 soft hairs there, so I just pluck them and then don’t have to worry about them for like a month. My mom and my sisters are this way as well. “Down there” is very hairless too…well, compared to western women. It’s pretty much naturally like a neat tiny V, and not too much hair.

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