Myo Ling Playmate of the Month

Myo Ling is Playmate of the Month for Playboy Netherlands. She looks hot!

As you know, no Playboy material on this site, so check out the photos here.

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  1. i wish i had her breasts! they are the best size and shape. i think ski slope breasts are the best shape for a woman – round breasts always look a little too artificial to me.

  2. agree christine, nice boobs. and she has that exotic look about her…nationality? she looks like thai or philipines

  3. As I said in my response to Zam’s posting of her pics here, her breasts sure are perky! And to answer LawBoy’s question (as I also said there), her name suggests Chinese (or not?), but to me she looks Vietnamese.

  4. Like her breasts, her name sounds fake like an American “Asian Fusion” restaurant making up dishes that do not exist in the natural world. Myo is Japanese, Ling is Chinese, she looks quite mixed, some Euro, who knows what else. Her real name is probably Greta Bauer or something like that, so she needed something more”exotic” for marketing purposes. Sort of like Maggie Quigley becoming Maggie Q.

  5. Yeah, I was wondering about the “Myo” bit. Ling is definitely Chinese, but Myo sounds like a made up mixture of one Japanese name (Mio – pronounced mee-oh) and a Vietnamese name (My – pronounced something like a cross between mee and may). So I guess the name is made up, in which case my assessment of her nationality may be correct!

  6. She does have quite a healthy, natural and exotic look to her, which I dare say would be appealing for almost anybody who reads this blog. If I’m going to be picky, I would say that ideally her legs could be a little longer and slimmer (as is often the case it seems!), but she’s really quite a package overall.

  7. Wowww… Only one comment, or err “sound effect” – “glllllllllllllllllllll”!!!

    Tough sound to reproduce in written form, but for any of you Bugs Bunny/Warner Bros cartoon fans you might recognize it. It’s like the sound of someone holding the end of a wooden ruler on a desk and twanging the other end. LOL…any help here (at this point some of you may think I need SERIOUS help)?

  8. Lol….thx LawBoy…although BOINNNN or SWHING are not the effect I’m looking for, they express EXACTLY the same sentiment. The girl is hotter than a four-balled tomcat!

  9. “The girl is hotter than a four-balled tomcat!” Can somebody explain to me what this means, or would that breach our posting guidelines? 😉

  10. I understand your sound SFP! At least I guess so, lol

    Seems like her name could also be korean, from her looks I would bet on that, or vietnamese.

    Myo is beautiful and smoking hot. Great body, strong legs the way I like them, and perfect tits (seemingly real too). She looks awesome in every single pic, which isn’t easy. I’ll keep an eye on her in the future.

  11. Well Robin, with those looks she couldn’t be hard to find. Just ask for directions. 🙂

    Elyse up there looks hot and so are her legs, yes. We should get more from her.

  12. My God Myo looks great. I’m praying that she makes her way into the US edition of Playboy too. There really is nothing bad I can say about this girl. If she’s from Amsterdam, we need to plan a group AS vacation!

  13. Hey, that’s the first comment I’ve seen from thanirz in ages! Still, I guess it’s no wonder a girl like this will bring a Dutchman out of the woodwork. 😉

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