Dawn Yang

Dawn Yang

23 year-old Singaporean model and very popular blogger Dawn Yang (aka Dawn Yeo), was actually brought to my attention by another lady that I featured here last month. Her Xanga (I love her user name there) which she updates frequently, is what’s brought her most of her fame and even landed her a contract with a talent agency in late 2005.

Since then, she was featured at the now seemingly defunct, hottestblogger.com, and has appeared in the Singapore editions of FHM (January 2006) where she was voted into 21st place of their annual 100 sexiest, and Maxim (May 2007), where she was voted into 7th place of their annual “Hot 100.”Of course, when a girl looks this good, she’s bound to be subject to speculation as to how she got that way, as well as a little controversy here and there (usually brought on by jealously), but Dawn rises above that. Ignoring the negativity, she continues to grace the blogging spotlight.

Dawn Yang
January 2006 FHM Cover

Dawn Yang
May 2007 Maxim Cover

Dawn Yang
May 2007 Maxim Centerfold

Dawn Yang

Dawn Yang

Dawn Yang

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  1. Her eyes seem to change dramatically from picture to picture. I don’t know why so many Asian women prefer having the upper eyelids done like that. It just makes them look far too Western. It’s weird how Westerner’s view Asian eyes as exotic and attractive where Asian’s prefer the Western round eye look.

    “The grass is always greener on the other side” type of mentality…

  2. wow, this before picture really shows how different she looks now after all the surgery. she is still recognizable in the before photo though

  3. i think she is cute. she looks good before and after but in a different way. a tad too plastic after πŸ™‚

  4. i still can’t get over the fact that she’s SO plastic. i looked at the wiki entry about her and she has so much potential outside of just her looks – going to elite singaporean schools and getting a scholarship to go to USC, for instance, means she’s obviously not dumb. but she chose to get all this work done on her face, try her hand at being some sort of teen idol, and pose half-naked for some men’s magazines.

    i just want to shake her and say “you’re so much better than this, girl!” i just can’t imagine her getting taken all that seriously in the business world with these magazine spreads in her past, nor can i imagine how disappointing it will be in the future when she marries someone and has kids, and the kids don’t look ANYTHING like her.

    of course, she could be REALLY happy right now with her life, and that’s awesome for her, but i just can’t help but have disdain for her life choices πŸ™

  5. I suspect her parents may have bought her way into the elite Singaporean schools, and as for the scholarship to USC, who knows? With all that surgery, she sure as hell looks like a bimbo anyway, whether she actually is or not – is that smile permanent? πŸ˜‰

  6. I prefer XiaXue aka Wendy Cheng.

    Dang, I’ve been out of the loop for a long time. Looks like she had a nose job, too. And very publicly at that. Ah, well.

  7. I am for for plastic surgeries, I think she did a right thing. Pretty girls do much better than not so pretty ones, it’s just much easier for her life. She’s smart and pretty, nothing wrong with that. As long as she ain’t a bitch and tease, it’s all cool. =)

  8. I agree with christine, she was pretty enough in her ‘before’ appearance and she seems to have messed badly with her eyes. They don’t look natural to me.

    I could agree with some small plastic, but too much is too much. If she’s as smart as christine hints, that’s too bad. Too plastic to be a longtime celebrity.

    Doc, isn’t it true that plastics have a limited lifetime and people have to redo or endure the bad effects?

  9. Oh that’s just great!
    She was a cute looking Chinese girl and now she looks like an average white bimbo!
    If I were her Dad, I would get offended that she rejects her heritage so much…
    Reminds me of that passed Japanese fad for girls trying hard to look like Naomi Campbell, ridiculous!!

  10. Her eyes make her look a little silly in the first and last pictures above. Trying a little to hard to look white for me.

  11. To answer dazn’s question, that really depends on what it is, how good the surgery is, and to some extent how lucky the patient is. Liposuction and botox almost always need to be redone, for example. On the other hand, a good nose job or boob job can last a lifetime, but it is still quite common for problems to occur as the patient ages – for example, breast tissue will sag more than the implant itself, which may lead to cosmetic problems.

  12. Also bear in mind that eyelid surgery much like all other surgeries have a recovery period. I actually had one of my eyelids corrected because I had uneven eyes (lazy eye), and for several months the eyelid that was operated on was much higher. Eventually, it comes down (now they’re both even) but it takes months.
    I’m guessing that first pic was taken soon after surgery. Her upper eyelids just look so much higher than in her other shots.

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