Miss Universe 2005: the Oriental girls

Miss Universe 2005 - the Oriental girls

Although the Miss Universe election was on May 30th, 2005, I couldn’t help taking a peek at the other Asian delegates while I was doing my previous post on Miss Vietnam. So I thought it would be nice to round them up for you here on this site. You never know when the official Miss Universe site wil be renewed, and all these beautiful women won’t be there anymore. Once you are at a contestant page, a lot more (and better!) photo’s can be seen. Okay, we have Miss Vietnam: Hang Thu Pham, Miss Indonesia: Artika Sari Devi, Miss Korea: So-Young Kim, Miss Singapore: Cheryl Tay, Miss Thailand: Chananporn Rosjan, Miss Malaysia: Angela Gan, Miss China: Tao Si Yuan and Miss Japan: Yakuri Kuzuya.

Although a very beautiful woman, I did not include Miss Pilippines: Gionna Cabrera, she looked a little bit too Latina in my opinion 😉 And since she has a latin name, I figured she was not Oriental enough for this round-up. Take a look for yourself. (And if I missed any Oriental girls, please let me know!)

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  1. Most of these girls have far too much western-style surgery for my taste, but I do like Miss China (although she doesn’t look great in the preview collage above – straight hair clearly suites her much better). Miss Japan is one of the most un-Japanese-looking girls I’ve ever seen!

  2. Yeah, there are better pictures on the official site. But I wanted all the same photo’s for this collage.

    But it’s not uncommon to have different ethnicities representing your country. Here in Holland we have a multicultural society, so we also have non-caucasian misses every once in a while 🙂

  3. Miss Singapore has my vote.

    Since there’s no overlap (yet), we can send a dating schedule to the Miss Universe organisation so they can hook us up 🙂

  4. I’ll put my vote in for Miss Malaysia based on the pictures above. Maybe it is the fact that her dress shows the most skin! 😉

  5. Since the event was in Thailand the media coverage was frenzied here. And lots of criticism of the home contestant Miss Thailand. As usual, Thailand selected a not-so-pretty lady (compared to the other contenders) based on her family connections. And during the contest she managed to offend her roommate Miss America regarding her national costume so they had to separate the two. You may recall Miss Thailand won the costume contest, and Thai people thought it was a sham because her costume was so plain and not very Thai-like at all.

    Overall I was a little disappointed with the Asian contestants. They are attractive, but stunning. Plenty of stunning young ladies all over Asia.

  6. I agree with badboy that on the basis of these previews I would choose Miss Malaysia – she looks cutest and her outfit is by far the best! 🙂 But I think Miss China really stands out in the online portfolios.

  7. For the sake of knowing in the future, the reason why many Filipinos have Spanish last names is because of Spanish occupation in the Philippines that lasted nearly 200 years. During this time, the Spanish -assigned- Spanish last names for the conquered people and the original surnames were eliminated. Therefore, this particular Filipina in question could very well be a full blooded Filipina and looks it to me, but you cannot tell on her last name alone. She should not be considered “not Asian enough” just because her ancestor’s last name was forced to be Spanish.

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