Savina Sang


When I first started here at AS I received an email from Savina Sang’s close friend (that email account has since been deleted, so I don’t remember who it was) asking me to feature Savina on Asian Sirens. I asked him if he could ask her to take a photo with a sign that said “Hi Asian Sirens” or something like that. He said he would, but then I never heard from him again and completely forgot to give her a post. So Savina, if you’re reading this, sorry it took so long. Completely slipped my mind.

Anyway, Savina Sang is an import model, but beyond that she also runs the SiNsation Model Team and works as a promoter and hostess.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Not Sure?
Located: Ontario










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0 thoughts on “Savina Sang”

  1. I wish the photographer had used better direction with her.

    She appears to have nice legs in the last photo and appears to be cute in the photo by she’s so far away – how can we tell?

    Advice: get that hair out of your face girl…you’re not the Phantom of the Opera!

    So overall I’d say she has nice penmenship as I do like her autograph in the billiard photo!

  2. Hey. It was actually me. And I completely forgot about it too. She’s full chinese. Savina Sang isnt her actual name. She uses Savina Sang because she doesnt like her actual name. Which I find stupid lol

  3. Credit to her for getting a model group together at such a young age, from what I saw they would benefit from some quality photography.

  4. I find her fairly attractive, The first picture is my favourite and I agree with her needing better photography.

  5. Not really feeling it either. But rest assured, if I was feeling it, you all would be the first to know:-)

    Unless of course, i was on the run from the wife!

  6. She’s pretty. Very unfortunate tattoo. Ditto, needs a better photographer or art director.

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