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Since AmericanArsenal was wondering where’s the next hot Asian Siren to admire and appreciate, I figured that I would help by introducing you to Maureen Chen who graces the cover of the May edition of DSport magazine.

Usually, when I am bored on my lunch break, I will go to the bookstore and browse around the magazine section. Most times, I will see a model that looks okay and will make a note to look them up on the web later. Occasionally I will see someone who completely blows my mind. That was the case this past Monday when I say Maureen on the cover of DSport. I got one look at her and immediately bought the magazine. I do not know what it is about DSport, but the magazine has introduced me to some very hot models as of late.

As for Maureen, she has everything that I am looking for in a model, so I just need one word to describe her: perfect. Let’s hope that we will get to see more of her in the near future and that this article isn’t removed from the site.

Age: 25
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 103lbs
Measurements: 34D-24-34
Ethnicity: Taiwanese












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DSport: Model of the Month

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  1. Wow! Tremendous recovery!!! While I’m not a big fan of implants, Maureen is very, very cute!

    I am captivated by her eyes. There’s something so vulnerable about her look, she actually doesn’t need the implants to draw people in…gorgeous!!!

  2. While not gorgeous this girl has something special. She really is a winner. Then she has a lot of great points: sexy body shape, hips, nice tits, lips, eyes.

    And personality too! Maureen seems so down to earth and easy to talk to in facebook. And even her site (apparently she built it herself) is very genuine, no BS, just a lovely girl putting herself out there, almost shy. Her website has lots of great pics.

    Maureen just got a new fan here. Have to get myself to one of her car shows!

  3. This girl has a very Taiwanese look, which I really like – except that they don’t normally have breasts like this, which is even better! (I’ve often wondered what some of those girls in Sunnybank would look like with large implants like this.) She also has a nice and trim stomach. Her lower body could be a little slimmer for my taste, but overall, I find this girl very sexy indeed, and certainly quite pretty as well. Definitely Doc approvedβ„’.

  4. I’ve always been a sucker for anorexics with implants. Sigh. (not really anorexic, of course, just nice and skinny).

    “I wish they all-could be-California girls”
    (even if its an honorary title).

  5. D_AAAMMM!!!!….best post in ages…they curves are killer…even if they have been landscaped…

  6. sorry …I had to come back for a second look…I do believe I could fall in love with xiǎo​jie​ Maureen..

  7. I like everything about her except her implants, not because I have a thing against implants or the size of them but just because they are too round and look too phony. If they were well done, I think she’d look great.

  8. WoW!…this girl is almost to much for me to handle. I’ll be back for another look after I drop off my wife at bingo. Thank you Candyman.

  9. Sorry to bring this up (again) but…at her website she stats that she is “pure chinese” and not “Taiwanese”.

  10. @ FuWenShi: Since she was born and raised in Taiwan, what she’s probably saying is that she has no aborigine or Japanese in her and is pure Han Chinese. My wife is Hakka (hence Hakka Guy) and she says she is pure Han Chinese at times and at other times she’ll say she is Taiwanese.

    A lot of Taiwanese, especially in the southern part of the island, have some Japanese ancestry and will mention that when you first talk to them. Being that Maureen is an Asian model now located in LA, it makes sense for her to stress her ancestry.

    If indeed your family name is Fu, so is my wife’s! πŸ™‚

  11. Yeah, Hakka guy is right, and that is the reality of the Taiwanese bloodline. But this girl’s look just screams (Han) Taiwanese.

  12. If I were to see this girl in person, I would probably gasp and then let out a great big sigh. Not trying to gush or anything…just saying.

  13. Lovely…and I also like the natural snapshot pics of her with her mother on the MySpace page. Not nearly as dazzling, but you can see how someone would discover her at a eating at food vendor.

  14. Best I’ve seen here for a few months at least, and there have been some good ones in that time.

  15. True loveliness, but I’m not buying 5’5″ and 103lbs. Either she’s shorter or heavier. Boobs alone must weigh 20!

    wingsfan is a Maureen fan:-)

  16. Don’t like the implants… do like the more formal photography and B&W, she can get that classic glamor girl look going very well. She dresses up nicely! I want her in my next movie. Wait, I don’t make movies…

  17. Give me an M
    Give me an A
    Give me an U
    Give me an R
    Give me an E
    Give me an E
    Give me an N

    What does it spell?….


  18. Pretty girl…but her breasts remind me of the gravity-defying globes of Samara from Mass Effect 2…especially in the gold bikini top, and the black lingerie in the last photo; they look…attatched. But like lovesasianwimin said, she can really work a black and white shot.

  19. Met her in person. She is the real deal. Very nice. And 5’5″ is her accurate height. Implants are a perfect size for her frame for me.

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