Applegirl: Talented, Original and Beautiful

As an admirer of both beautiful Asian women and talented musicians and singers, I just had to feature this girl. She has the most popular new channel on YouTube I’ve ever seen – the first of her two videos went up less than three weeks ago, and she’s already had over two million views and more than 12,000 subscribers. And it’s no wonder: she’s really cute, she’s a very competent singer, and most impressively of all, she performs a full band’s worth of instruments on a set of iPhones! It’s really quite extraordinary to watch how she programs the backing tracks and plays the lead instrumental lines as she sings. And the way she says “listen” and “thankyou” are just so darn cute!

From Korea, her real name is Kim Yeo-hui, but she calls herself “Applegirl” (for obvious reasons!). And as this second video shows, she’s also a fluent speaker of Japanese. The only photos of her I’ve been able to find are here – if anybody knows where I can find more photos, videos or information on this girl, please let me know!

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  1. Interestingly, Kim looks remarkably like my accountant in the second video (even though she’s Taiwanese), and even their speaking voices are similar – the way Kim says “thankyou” in this video is an absolute dead ringer for the way she does it! Sadly however, she is now my ex-accountant, as she has accepted a big job offer in Taiwan. 🙁

  2. It must be terrible to be the master of a dying art form.

    In five years, kids will say “remember Iphones and Twiiter”?

  3. Got a feelin this young lady would be a BIG HIT on American Idol providing she can tolerate Mr.Cowen and doesn’t get stage fright. Ellen DeGeneres will go for her in a BIG way…ohhhh yeah!!

    Whatever…she certainly has charisma and music talent!! Thanks Doc! Enjoyed it (:-D)

  4. Wow, she is has talent.

    If only her clouse would have the same style as the as sofa cushions on the couch in the back of her second video. But of course this is only a very, very minor complaint.

  5. I wonder who sent you this information? Haha 😛 I love this girl. I’ve been listening to her songs alot. I believe she’s Lee Hongki’s girlfriend. They’re relationship started on a show in korea.

  6. But wait until you see her a few months from now when the Cupertino company’s latest is released in Korea!!! She will be playing
    symphonies and singing operas. 🙂

    Seriously, she is rather cute and talented.

  7. She’s really cute and she has some music talent, to use the iphones that way. Very creative, I loved watching.
    She’s even sensual in the way she dances to Lady Gaga.
    Nice post, Doc.

  8. @Doc, yeah I remember you telling us she was hot. I even asked for pics. Maybe now that she doesn’t work for you, she will feel ok with it. 🙂

  9. Hmmm, now that’s a point – no more professional conflict of interest! The next time I’m in Taiwan, I’ll definitely bring my camera. 😉

  10. Surely you jest, arf. Even us old fogies know what twitter is. Although I don’t understand it’s popularity — who really cares about strangers’ lives that much, even if they are celebrities?

  11. Apparently she has made the TV news in Singapore, which I presume means she has been featured in other Asian countries as well (or at least Korea one would imagine), so I guess that’s one reason her YouTube channel is such a big hit.

  12. Oh, comment on Twitter: I have picked up most of the new technologies and communications, but I really hope that I don’t ever have to visit twitter before I get old and die. I have a good idea for a successor to twitter: A communications media in which you don’t post anything, you just log in. It would look like this:

    Bobbyg23 logged in.
    JohnnyK logged in.
    supranatz88 logged in.

    See, why even bother with the 144 characters? Just get seen and don’t have to bother to be creative or say anything.

  13. Talented and Cute… Korean girls are attractive to me.
    No wonder my girlfriend is korean. 🙂

  14. I don’t like twitter either. Doesn’t add anything too valuable to our lifes either, so I guess it will go away. Although some twitter like application for social networks can be of use.

    The OMG cat is new to me, now that’s funny. 🙂

  15. It must be terrible to be the master of a dying art form.

    In five years, kids will say “remember Iphones and Twiiter”?

    Posted by: TheCollector on Apr 04, 10 | 2:20 pm

    And 10 years after that we’ll be saying, “remember when people actually used to play guitars, drums, and keyboards instead of iphone apps. Talk about a dying art!

    Oh yeah, she is a cutie by the way.

  16. Interestingly, she doesn’t impress me that much when she isn’t playing her iPhones – I guess the novelty value is gone. Oddly though, I don’t feel her singing is especially impressive when she’s playing piano either, and the cute personality that comes out in her iPhone videos isn’t there either.

  17. It’s about time Wings…we’ve all been watching for the past week now. Where have you been? 😉

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