Satomi Mizuno

Satomi Mizuno

Satomi Mizuno has been around a while as evidenced by this year 2000 Asian-Sirens Hotspots entry. Her website is still up and running and specializes in a number of kinky themes such as public nudity, bondage, dildo play and girl/girl action. For a few more samples click
Satomi Mizuno

Satomi Mizuno

Satomi Mizuno

Satomi Mizuno

Links for Satomi Mizuno

Satomi’s Main Site
Satomi @ Yahoo Groups
Satomi @ Asian Thumbs
Satomi @ Googe Images

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0 thoughts on “Satomi Mizuno”

  1. “public nudity, bondage, dildo play and girl/girl action” are some of my favourite things, however I don’t find her very attractive. She does look nice in the last photo. Kudos to Satomi for finding her niche

  2. Her site’s been inactive since 2003.

    And she did do some hardcore towards the end.

    Rumour at the time was that she had to move back to Japan (or something like that).

    I thought she was cute. She definitely came across as an amateur in the style of misskitty (I’m remembering right, aren’t I?)

  3. Satomi reminds me of a nasty MILF neighbour… haha! Not necessarily the best looking woman on the block, but definitely the most popular with the Dads… haha!

  4. Looking at this girl for the second time I found much charm in how this woman carried herself in the pics above, personality and character does make a woman more beautiful I’ll add, she looked really genuinely chippy, and that immediately went away when I clicked on one of those links and saw all the hardcore she does. Not cool. I hate how good looking women often ruin themselves through pornography. I hate it. Such a shame.

  5. Very cute honest girl. I always liked her. Too bad her site hasn’t been updated in a few years. I wonder who is paying the bill?

  6. Arf, I think, she is not your type. But anyway, for Japanese girls, she is on thier standard.

  7. i think Satomi is wonderful. I would love it if anyone knew what she is up to now? Whether she went back to Japan and whether she has a new site? Much appreciated.

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