Mai Nadasaka

Mai Nadasaka

Mai Nadasaka is a relative newcomer among Japanese AV idols, moving from gravure about a year ago (story in Japan Sugoi).Stats (from JapanVCD)
Birthdate: Mar 23, 1988
Birthplace: n/a (“from Hokkaido”)
Height: 158 cm (5 ft 2 in)
Bust: 103 cm (41 in) J-70 Cup
Waist: 62 cm (24 in)
Hip: 87 cm (34 in)
Bloodtype: O
Hobby: playing piano

There is an interview on sweatpig.
Some photo galleries:

You can see some clips (not the porn, of course) on YouTube (You’ll have to age-verify. The ones with over 4 stars are indeed better.)

Mai Nadasaka

Mai Nadasaka

Mai Nadasaka

Mai Nadasaka

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0 thoughts on “Mai Nadasaka”

  1. Due to the almost complete absence of a crease under her breasts, it looks as though she has implants, but it is a nice, natural looking result (like most Japanese boob jobs).

  2. ah, nice to wake up to such a beauty :o) makes starting the day so much better, hehe

  3. Along with the beautiful body, I like the sultry smile and the “come do me” eyes.

  4. wow..that’s fake boobs..nice job. she is so soft yet has that nasty look about her….nasty in a nice way:)

  5. OK, I spoke a little too soon.

    After reviewing some of the other images at the links, she is a little bit thick, for my taste. BUT, I still really like her.

  6. Bigfoot, those links are to pictures in the galleries I linked to. You can’t go directly to the picture without first visiting the galleries. Go back up and click on on asianuncensored and javmodel. Then you can go to the specific pictures, to see what arf likes.

  7. What a great tush! OMG! If she were dating me you’d see bite marks on the butt… haha!

  8. She is hot.Perfect breasts,yes.
    One thing I have been wondering for years is why do “enhanced boobs” from Japan look so much better and natural than anyother “enhanced boobs”from any other country.Is it the Asian figure and shape.

  9. Yes, sultry, sexy and welcoming. She could make me happy. Great body and some thickiness is not bad either. The boobs are just the crown on top of it all.

  10. If those are fake, my hat’s off to the surgeon. What I do not understand is that if such great work is possible, why is there such tolerance for all the horrendous boob jobs? And why don’t American surgeons learn how to do them well? (And why is that woman with those weird looking and seemingly rock-hard projectiles jutting out from her chest used in the Thai cuties ad on this page month after month?) 🙂

  11. Once again, in my article that I link to above, I reveal some answers – US surgeons believe overfilled saline are the safest implants with the least rippling, but I believe this is totally wrong. And such implants are the most hard and fake looking. Also, another factor that most men aren’t aware of is that many – perhaps even most – western women do not want completely naural looking breasts. They like them firm, round and gravity defying. There’s a reason Pamela Anderson is frequently voted as having the “best breasts” in women’s magazines!

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