Che Yong-Li


Che Yong-Li is her name and she acted in a couple of Chinese movies. That’s about all I could find out about her. Check out some more photo’s of this FHM China shoot in




another gallery @ girlspic

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0 thoughts on “Che Yong-Li”

  1. I vote girl. Skinny, yes but still cute and fairly curvy.

    Lawboy would like to set up a three-way:)

  2. btw..she looks like she’s got a nice little rack…love the northern chinese looks…

  3. This girl is great. I just wish she did a few more sit-ups to make that stomach even toner. What is up with the hate on the skinny girls? If you want to complain nag about those god damn fatties out there. You know the ones, stomping around with their elephant feet. What’s the good in that? I respect an uglier girl with a nice body more than a cute girl that’s way too overweight. Those fatties should roam the world’s deserts wild like the baffalo that they are!

  4. Yeah, a slender girl like this one is much more to my taste than a lot of those chubby import models! Looks like she’s overdone the facial surgery a bit though – her face is a little too angular for my taste.

  5. Dr. Lee have you seen that Twilight Zone episode where this ordinary guy wakes up one morning to find himself the only man alive in a world filled with women? Only the women are fat slobs. So the poor guy becomes a chronic masterbater and the dark tale ends with he putting himself to the stake and then setting himself on fire. The was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen on television.

  6. Her shoulders is too skinny, but she is cute enough.
    Doc, you mean particularry in her chicks?

  7. She is a delight to see just love these slim trim black haired beauties….Thanks

  8. I have to agree with Doc, she overdid it on the facial surgery. I would love to see what she looked like before going under all those knives.

  9. She is stunning. I wonder if these pics where taken where she resides? It would cool if they where because after making love to her on that fantastic leather seat, you could watch awesome blank and white television, or possibly even bust out your freshest cassette from 1988 and listen to some tones on that bangin’ boombox. Looks along with entertainment, this chick has it all.

  10. I agree with GoodTaste and Dr. Lee. I much prefer skinny girls with legs for miles.

  11. I really like the last pic. She looks great when she smiles, I really wish more of these models would smile… Sometimes their, already beautiful, faces light up like Christmas… sigh.

    I have found that the petite types like her like “the rough stuff” and are pretty bendy… haha! I’ve always been afraid that I might break them. It’s usually me who ends up broken, though… haha!

  12. Personally, I love her proportions. Beautiful long dancer’s legs, combined with seductive eyes, a warm smile, and lush, long hair. Chinese women are terrific.

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