Sarasa Hara


Sarasa Hara (原更紗) is an AV model. She likes table tennis.The difference between Japanese and American pornography? The titles.

Average American Title:

“Forrest Hump.”
“My Bare Lady”
“Bedman And Throbbin”
“I Dream Of Weenie”

Actual Title of a Video Starring Sarasa Hara:

“Please Ejaculate Inside My Vagina”

Me thinks the Japanese know how to cut straight to the point.


Age: 24
Height: 5’5
Measurements: 33-22-32
From: Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity: Japanese




















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  1. Although I fear these comments could very quickly degenerate into a discussion of *just* how blatant American porn titles CAN be, I’ll leave well enough alone and say yeah, she has a rockin’ body. Wouldn’t have guessed she was 5’5″ though.

    “Schindler’s Fist” (whether a real title/movie or not I don’t know) always makes me laugh, in the “average American title” category.

  2. Ha ha, that’s funny about the differences in titles.

    Sarasa Hara is one of the best looking women in JAV today. She currently works for Idea Pocket, but she originally worked for both Max-A and Alice Japan. Her first ever vid was actually released on March 16th, 2007. So two years exactly today! Nice to post about her on her debut anniversary!

    The following site is Japanese only, but they list her movies at Idea Pocket, and you can click on a movie to view sample pics.

    Sarasa at Idea Pocket:

    For a more complete list of her DVDs, check out her listing at DMM:

  3. Sarasa Haiku:
    Nurse my pain away
    Smile to sooth my soul with glee
    My heart races fast

    I like. Adorable.

  4. Q T PI

    Very nice,

    BTW, Doc, how’s that for a nice booty on a pure Asian woman? (Unless, of course, it is Photoshopped.)

  5. She has baby face with mature body and proportional shape.
    Nice pictures and very briliant idea about the title.
    I like this babe.

  6. cute cute and i will take her up on her invitiation 🙂 her torso is a tad too long for her legs:)

  7. Very cute — I think she has a fabulous smile — one of the best I’ve seen. Doesn’t really give off a porn star vibe.

  8. Er. She doesn’t look chinese (Have you spent any time with Japanese women?). Nice smile. Great body. Hot. Right I’m off to check out Saori

  9. She’s so “girl-next-door” looking.I can’t imagine her taking a facial.Actually…yes I can.Quite a turn on.

  10. Sarasa-san is absolutely adorable. She’s able to convey a very cute look and can switch it up to sexy (the black outfit and the 2nd last pic!).

    This girl is FAR more interesting to me than the usual SoCal import models that seem to get a lot of attention on this site.

  11. dazn: sadly, the sort of ethics you talk about seem to be pretty much non-existent in glamour photography these days. Sachiko’s site is possibly the only site where you can see the model without any touch-ups (and maybe some of the amateur sites too).

  12. Both of the Haras are fine looking women, but for different reasons. Sarasa’s got a killer body, while Saori has that exotic mix look going for. Saori is 1/4 German.

  13. Lawboy, the leg to torso ratio is something that often bothers me too, I notice it is prevalent in many Korean women strangely. I don’t really notice it overly here though. Perhaps the crotch of her shorts creates an illusion…

  14. I agree with Luke72…the leg also bothers me too. if she gain a little bit of weight on her legs and run and have little bit more hips…i think her body will be a killer…or gain a little weight overall…then she will look a lot better…honestly, i don’t see anything great about her…I’ve seen hotter AV models…I wouldn’t notice her at all on the streets…

  15. I’m curious…Do most Japanese AV and gravure models have facial or breast surgery? The reason why I’m asking is that it seems a lot of them look perfect like computer generated perfect…

  16. Yes, cosmetic surgery is very common. A lot of them even have surgery on their navels! Yet they don’t get crooked teeth straightened – go figure.

    Then there’s the Photoshopping of course…

  17. Definitely a cutie! I don’t know what it is but lately I’ve been into the Japanese girls with a little bit of bush.

  18. As Dr. Lee said the problem is most prominent in Japanese women. Hence, the older generation Koreans even have a term they use to describe that very trait in Japanese women.

    Anways, this girl looks very pretty especially in that red shirt picture and the one where she is showing her butt with the pink top on.

  19. Just to expand a bit on the leg/torso ratio. Often times the problem is that the fibula/tibia (knees-ankles) is too short compared to the femur (pelvis-knee) which results with said problem.
    You can really notice this in picture #5.

  20. She’s fine. I don’t even feel the need to add my usual ‘she needs tasteful implants’ comment. If a guy couldn’t perform with her, time to look for a new job – or ‘lifestyle’… 🙂

  21. Doc Lee, i understand using photoshop to erase some skin imperfections. But to change shapes, like making for a better butt…..? That goes beyond reasonable.

  22. Sarasa is my current fav. Truly a beautiful girl.

    Regarding ratios of lengths of relative body parts: Asians had used to squat/kneel while eating, entertaining/whatever. Hamper growth of lower parts of kids’ legs for several hundreds of generations and you’ll end up with thighs longer than shins. I recall reading something years ago, that introduction of a simple chair in XIV century altered shape of avg. Chinese forever. Asians are (were?) considered as particularly prone to being bowlegged. Well, not really. Young children were carried on backs of their mothers & great-mothers, with their legs fastened in front of woman’s body. No wonder they ended up with short, oddly shaped legs.

    My town is nearly 50% Asian, mostly Koreans. Unbelievable what US life-style (healthy one guys, not everyone here is fat) can do to young women’s bodies.

  23. Nik2 –

    Kneeling cannot change genetics. An example – there were women that used to bind their feet as a form of beauty. But just because that was successful does not mean that their children were born with smaller feet.

    It is possible that over the years those that were able to squat/kneel better thanks to having different proportions were more likely to survive, thus passing their genes on. But I doubt it. Most likely the Japanese just simply have smaller proportions. They were a closed off country for many centuries.

  24. I’ve been told that Japanese have “kimono legs” – in other words, this leg type was selected for over many generations to facilitate walking comfortably and gracefully in kimonos. I’m not sure how much truth there is in this, but it is quite conceivable that traditionally Japanese men would prefer women who moved better in kimonos, hence reinforcing these genetic characteristics. With the decline of kimonos and the rise of more western asthetic tastes, their legs are becoming longer and straighter, as most Japanese men now prefer women with this leg type.

  25. Darn it! It sucks to have a long pelvis-knee and short knees-ankle…I guess I’m unlucky even though I’m raised in the U.S. So how do ya explain a Viet girl that has unproportion legs?

  26. It’s an Asian thing. It is not a Japanese thing. It is just predominate in Japanese populations.

    Also, in many cases it is endearing, so I wouldn’t worry about it, Quyen. I knew a girl with your name that had it also, and she was a cutie.

  27. If I wasn’t already registered, this one would make me sign up here.
    Proportions aside, ideal slender and rocking body, cute face that can show a super sexy look. Great post Travis.

  28. This girl looks like someone I’d like to get to know personally. My goodness, she has such a pretty mouth.

  29. My understanding is that torso length to leg-length proportions are largely an effect of growth & diet – primarily a function of protein intake. Probably other westerners here have had the same experience I have had in Japanese or Hong Kong subways, where you can look over the heads of anyone over 40, but, down the corridor you see these asian kids in their teens and twenties that are now reaching 6’1″ (my height) and higher. This is not, I understand, a change in genetics (relaxation of selection for kimono-wearing), but a long term shift in dietary habits, both in mothers and their kids, and their effects on long bone growth.

    But on the real subject, what a cute girl! Love the smile, along with the rest of the package, torso-to-leg proportions and all. Another nice post TS!

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