Dee Dee Devyne


This is Dee Dee Devyne. I found her randomly in my travels. She was listed as 24, but I think she gave up modeling several years ago, so I am unsure how accurate that is. She is tall though – stands 5’7.Stats:

Age: 24-28
Height: 5’7
Proportions: 34/24/34
From: San Francisco, CA
Ethnicity: Filipina

















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  1. hmmm….really hot body….look awesome on some pic but others look kinda off…maybe it’s the makeup…but I love her body though…

  2. Perky boobs alert! I knew she was Pinay. Prediction: Arf will love her, the Doc won’t. I don’t really care for her lips, they look enhanced (artificial) to me, but she’s cute and I like her body.

  3. Feel like sit on a blowing stove. She is very hot.
    By the way Travis, is she a porn star or just a model.
    Arf, what is your comment?

  4. In some pics she’s hot and in the others not so much because of the makeup. But Dee Dee is a hottie. It’s a shame she hasn’t been in anything since 2005.

  5. I agree on the perky boobs, really they turn me on…
    And short black hair and black lace shown in some pix…
    10 out of 10 IMHO
    Greetings to all

  6. Agree the makeup in shots 2-4 is awful.
    Others, she’s smoking hot.
    I like the uneven boobs…does that prove they are real?
    Love the way those nipples stand out…
    The way she licks her lips in that one shot makes me want to catch that quick flight to SF!

  7. Unevenness doesn’t prove anything one way or the other (and in fact often gets exaggerated by augmentation). Having said that, the shot where she has her back arched against the wall does suggest implants, but it isn’t conclusive.

  8. Cute enough.(7) Shoot the make-up “artist(s)”. Perfect little mouthful boobies.Just the right amount of baby fat on the hips.

  9. She has worked as a stripper in San Francisco since 2001. Last seen hopping between the Crazy Horse (as Didi) and Mitchell Brothers (as Britanny Rae). If you know anything about MB, then you would know what $300 could get you 🙂 Anyhow, you should have seen her back in early 2000, same perky breasts but 20 lbs lighter.

  10. Yeah she looks a little heavy from what I remember her looking like. Boobs are ok but I think they’re real if not she should look into litigation against her doctor for making em too small.

  11. I think she’s pretty cute in some pics and less so in others. Not my fave by any stretch but good enough and some of it’s probably the photog.

  12. FunInSf is right but let me add a few details.

    Currently, she is back at the Crazy Horse strip club in San Francisco where she started dancing under her original stripper name Didi. I haven’t seen her in many years but her breasts are natural. I have felt them and there is no evidence of implants.

    I have heard she has long dark hair now and personally think she looks better with longer hair. In my opinion, she looks much better in person than in photos particularly her nipples which haven’t been able to be captured in all their glory.

  13. I hope she fired her makeup artist, she looks great *without* lots of makeup and not so great in the other ones where the makeup is too much and all jacked up.

  14. looks like i might have to go out there one of these weekends to check her out…anyone from the bay down to find out whats she’s like in person?

  15. Yeah, her breasts are interesting – as I said, the shot where she has her back arched does suggest implants, but if I’d only seen the other shots, I would have guessed she was natural. It’s possible she’s had augmentation since badboy saw her to firm her breasts up, as they are very perky! But I have to admit that I’m not really sure in this case.

    I think we need someone to report back to us on this. 😉

  16. Just to be clear, I have seen her after these photos were taken and her breasts are still natural. When I say felt them, I felt them with my hands and there are no implants. They are softer than they look.

    San Francisco strip clubs are more liberal than other strip clubs and touching is encouraged. The Crazy Horse management fires dancers if they get caught doing what are termed extras (handjob, blowjob, etc.). Mitchell Brothers is even more liberal but with sky high prices.

  17. I’m willing to take your word on this one – as I said, only one of the pics here suggests she has implants, and it isn’t conclusive.

  18. Natural Rules
    The Ruler is even longer with those incredible nipples :O
    Yes, the makeup artist should be shot.

    My hands will have what badboy’s hands are having.

  19. Dee Dee Haiku:

    Pure as ocean air
    Waves of emotion flow out
    Nude beaches a must

    not my type but i am enjoying the view

  20. As someone else, said, she was amazing circa 2002 or so. Today, she doesn’t look quite as good as even these photos these days (about 4-5 years later than these photos), but she is indeed at Crazy Horse, and she’s still pretty fine. If you’re in the area, the Crazy Horse is a fun place and full of cute asian girls. My current fave is Jade (imagine that – an asian stripper “named” Jade).

  21. azn panty lover, i’ll hit you up when i get a free moment to get out there again. life is crazy right now but maybe is kaylani is featured there again i might be forced to go =)

  22. Maybe I’ll see you there, daznlover. Good times to be had, I’m sure of it. :p
    Also…I like the Haiku’s contributed by sflonglegs. That stuff takes talent. 🙂

  23. “If you know anything about MB, then you would know what $300 could get you”

    Last time I checked, and that was in 2001, I believe, all it could get you was maybe three couch dances and not much more.

  24. dazn, that was total sarcasm, btw. $300 for three couch dances – I’ll pass. I can get teased for a lot cheaper than that.

  25. Not that kind of teasing, darklighter. And unless you’re a hot or semi-hot chick, none of the other kind of teasing please. Seriously though, I don’t understand the attraction of a girl writhing all over you when nothing else is gonna happen. You get all worked up and then?

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