Sandy Jordan @ Tropic Calendar

Sandy Jordan

Sandy Jordan was one of the models I interviewed and recommended to Playboy photographer Kim Mizuno a few years ago.

This weekend I was searching for Sandy and found some stuff of her via (including a video (wmv)).

Does anyone know what’s up with Sandy Jordan these day?

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  1. Look out, it’s a Marco posting flood! 😉

    Not that I mind – this girl is hot! Really nice boob job. Could do with a little less ‘Flash’ on her site though.

  2. You guys are lucky that I’m so busy most of the times otherwise you definitely would need more than 24 hours a day to read all the stuff 😉

    But more important, does anyone still work with Sandy? I thought she was one of the most promising models for Playboy.

  3. She’s an amazing looking girl, last time I looked at her site though she hadn’t updated since early last year. I assume she’s moved on to other things. Too bad she and Kay Sivilay were two of my new favorites.

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