June 2006 Asian calendar babe wallpaper

Axe Asian calendar babe wallpaper June

It’s June and time for a new sexy Asian calendar babe wallpaper. Get the Axe Asian calendar babe wallpaper at AsianSweetheart.net.

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  1. I wish I knew. But they gave no names of the models on the promotion for Axe. These models are not well-known so there is probably no other pictures of them around anyway.

  2. One aspect of the internet I’ve never been able to understand is how people often go around in forums etc. posting pics of models they like, without even revealing their name! I mean, if you like a model enough to post her (or in this case make a wallpaper of her), wouldn’t you want to tell people who she is (or even better where to find more)? I know when I see a pic of a model I like, the first thing I wnat to know is who she is, so I can find more pics or videos. But this is often impossible.

  3. I totaly agree with you Lee and that is the reason I don’t like fora in general although they sometimes have great stuff.

  4. Asiansweetheart, do you know from which country the Axe-image is? In that case we are probably able to find the Axe babes from that country. At least in the Netherlands the Real Axe Babes have real names!

  5. Oh my God, I just realised I wrote the plural of forum as ‘forums’, instead of the right way (fora). I must be spending too much time on the net – I’m starting to use American internet spelling! 😉

  6. These are from Axe Thailand. Axe advertises and sells a lot here. I did some more searching, including the Thai language sites that mention Axe. The wallpapers have also been posted on some forums (fora?, I guess I learned American English). But I can’t find anywhere that mentions the names of the models.

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