Natural Beauty Jin Fei Fei

Jin Fei Fei

Following up on Marco’s recent entry, I just had to post this model I’ve only just discovered. She’s a new Chinese model at Met Art (also photographed by Fax Xue Hui), and she’s a real cutie – very pretty, all natural and with very long and beautiful hair (I guess everyone knows how much I love long hair by now!).

For my money, Met Art is nowhere near as ‘arty’ as they make themselves out to be – after all, if they really were about art, then why would they (supposedly) only shoot teens? They do have some pretty artistic photography, but IMHO most of it is really just porn (especially the videos). Besides, most of their models aren’t to my taste (not enough Asian girls!) But as this girl and Wu Wei Qui show, they are occasionally getting some really nice stuff from China these days!

Jin Fei Fei
Jin Fei Fei
Jin Fei Fei

Thanks to AkiZ at the ScanLover Community Forum for posting her pics and bringing her to my attention! Frustratingly though, as with all Met Art models there is practically no information available about her.

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  1. Another sweet young woman. Natural beauty, soft lines, pretty eyes…I really like the looks of the two models hi lighted here.



  3. Now when you said you liked her long hair did you mean on her head or on her….oh never mind. 🙂

  4. Again I must ask – please release your caps lock key Stripes and STOP SHOUTING!

    And I did mean the hair on her head. 😉

  5. I agree with ya doc. Met Art is really a soft porn site, although I’ve often said the difference between porn and fine art erotica is lighting and composition.

    I’ve seen some other Japanese Met Art models posted on Asian Thumbs, and the photography was downright terrible. Sometimes it looked as if the photographer was using an on-camera flash. So yes, they are definitely not as arty as they claim to be.

    But they do stumble on some beauties!

  6. Yeah, i like asian women with hair on their Ms.V (“,) very hot, and bring more plus points.

  7. yes, met art definitely has a shortage of asian girls. i used to live (and shoot) in japan. the shots of japanese models i have seen on there are lousy, by this guy yousoudo who has no technique at all. as for thailand (where i now live), i haven’t seen anything good on met art yet. maybe i should get in touch with them! (shameless self-promotion!)

  8. I didn’t see a direct link to the thread on the scanlover forum posted in this entry but ran a search and found the following for those who want to see more of her photos Jin Fei Fei photo thread on scanlover forum. It looks like you have to register on that forum to view the full size photos. I did a search on author AkiZ as well but didn’t find an obvious hit.

  9. Nice work badboy! I actually found her here – I didn’t know about the thread you dug up. Still, I almost wish I hadn’t seen some of these other pics – they’re the usual Met ‘Art’ porn shots, and very amateur porn shots at that. The session where she’s wearing the red top (most of the time) is absolutely dreadful! She also isn’t so great from the waist down.

  10. Were the other pictures on Scanlover deleted? I did a thorough search and all I found was slightly larger versions of the pictures here.

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