Francine Prieto Nude Photoshoot

Francine Prieto Nude Photoshoot – video powered by Metacafe

I was kind of surprised not to have found Francine Prieto listed in the archives list of and I think it’s high time that she deserves our undivided attention 🙂

Francine Prieto a.k.a. Anna Marie Falcon (or vice versa) is an actress from the Philippines. She was on the cover of FHM Philippines November 2003 edition (I think) and I believe she has been very popular in South Korea too, especially after the above photoshoot.





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A little update: I decided to add the above catchy picture of her. Hopefully most of you would agree with me that she looks sensuously charming here. Simply gorgeous.

A short clip of her making out with a guy in the movie “Liberated” can be found here:
Watch the clip @

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0 thoughts on “Francine Prieto Nude Photoshoot”

  1. She’s a BIG girl! 😛

    I know it’s going to happen sooner or later, so…natural or “enhanced”?

  2. I dunno… being 1/2 pinoy I love seeing women from the Philippines one here… Her breasts though… kinda look like they are in the wrong place. I was telling my brother that they look more like they are sitting on her ribs more than they should. Very nicely shaped though, I gotta give her that… lol. Woot Woot!

  3. I love the surreal perkiness of her breasts – this is the one part of the female body where I think a skilled surgeon can do a better job than mother nature, at least for the long haul (natural breasts can look good when they’re young, but they seldom age very well).

  4. What has this image got to do with Francine? Those are Francine Prieto’s breast’s on Francine Prieto’s chest and this about Francine Prieto. Oh wait a minute…that’s not Francine Dee is it. Man, I’m about dumb as crap. My mistake…won’t happen again. 🙂

  5. I got that picture from zamscan’s comment above, dated Aug 24, 06. I’m pretty sure it’s the same Francine. I was just joking about Francine Dee though. 🙂

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