Gina, a very confused Asian model

America’s Next Top Model Gina seems to have an identity crisis. Check out the clip. Poor girl. I think she looks great but she needs to work on her communication skills.

Google images will get you some more photo’s of her.

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  1. I saw this when it was actually on television. I love how she contradicts herself so many times. She’s hot, but it’s kind of a turn-off when she speaks.

  2. Of all the hot Viet girls to choose from, they hadda pick her. Occasionally she looked good; usually, though, not so much. YMMV.

  3. I like her a lot. She’s very beautiful and somehow very honest about saying what she thinks she is supposed to say. One great thing about asian women is that they tend not to be bimbos. Gina may be breaking that mold, but I’m not sure. Certainly, emtee333 is right that she has a lot of growing up to do. We will see more of her in the future.

    Oh, and that’s a great clip!

  4. Yeah I watched just to see her (once she got dumped no interest in the show), thought she was really cute but she was an emotional wreck. She seems to have lived a very sheltered life. Beautiful girl but doubt unless she totally rebels and does Playboy that we’ll ever see her again.

  5. Painful to watch, but don’t shows like these encourage and thrive on that short of thing? Just one of many reasons I’m glad I don’t live in the states any more.

    She sure is a lovely girl, what a beautiful face and body, and rather than being an “attitude” queen she just came across as a bit flummoxed by the whole thing. I don’t know what they asked the other contestants but the questions they asked her were pretty inane. I think she just comes across as a real, honest girl that was very intimidated by the show and everyone on it. As a former actor and performer I can say it’s very sad but all too common.

    I wouldn’t call her a bimbo or an emotional wreck at all, in fact she seemed more real than the other exoskeletons on the show. Watch the ending again where she’s rejected, she handles it very well. Even bravely I might say.

    She’s luckier than the rest for being out of that world! She’s still young and very attractive, with any luck she’ll go back to school and learn a real profession – instead of the oldest one!

  6. she is not that great ..cmon ..her face is average .. (need a nose job) the only thing that makes her a model material is her height, about her body..that’s a typical asian girls body…lean and skinny, but she aint got curves. she won’t make it far.

  7. Everyone to their own tastes, and opinions. For me she’s more than fine! A very cute and real looking young woman.
    “… about her body..that’s a typical asian girls body…lean and skinny” That’s exactly what I think is so beautiful about asian women.
    If you’re looking for curves you’re in the wrong place!
    BTW – according to the Oxford American Dictionary “lean and skinny” mean the same thing.

  8. In fairness, ‘lean and skinny’ is what is required of any fashion model these days, Asian or not. And I agree Gina does come across as refershingly real, if not especially enlightened. 😉

    And that Jeanette Lee does look interesting – I’ll have to do some research in her when I have the time!

  9. Red Rover! Red Rover! I call Natasha Yi over! 😛

    BAH! To the stick figured knees-and-elbows girls of this world (model or non-model). No thanks to the boneracks.

    My girlfriend is a curvy Asian. Yummy. Her sister is the other kind — skinnnnny. Cute and all but wouldn’t want to roll in the hay with a twig!

    Boneracks are for showing off clothes and looking good in 2D adverts. The curvies belong to the real world of touch-and-feel.

    Have to go now, Ms. Yi just arrived! 🙂

  10. Bikini, import, and fitness models – yes; clothes racks with tiny boobs – no.

    Scary to think they may have cut out the really embarrassing parts of the interview.

  11. hotbytes2000, whenever I try to connect to a link to all I get is a white page with the words “Under construction”
    I don’t know if that refers to the site… or the ladies!

  12. I agree with emtee also about Gina’s need to grow up.

    She seems to have an identity crisis…be the conservative asian or be american (and get naked in front of the camera).

    Sounds like she wants to fit in but needs to find a happen medium.

    When it comes to these reality shows, they tend to just cut a past all the “good tv stuff”

    I would like to give Gina the benefit of the doubt that she isn’t the clueless girl on tv.

  13. I don’t know if “growing up” would help her one bit. I like solid808’s optimistic view on her not being clueless…but yikes, even when she is talking to the other girls she’s like a lead brick.

    Maybe it’s good she’s attractive…she’s not getting by on her brains.

    Which is a shame because there are a lot of intelligent Asian models out there.

  14. Viet? She is Korean.

    Seriously? I would have bet money she was Vietnamese. Well, from now on I’ll just call them all the generic “Asian.”

  15. “But K4K, Kobe is one of the skinniet of them all! :-)” — Dr. Lee

    Yeah, I know. Weird, eh!

    But, as I said, skinny-mini works wonders in the 2D world of screen and magazine…it may be a different story (albeit a micro-difference!) if I met Kobe in person.

  16. FYI — Canada just concluded their first season of Canada’s Next Top Model (yes, by the same people). There was an Asian girl competing in it, Sisi:

    I watched 1 or 2 episodes and all I can say is Sisi was DUUUUUUUMMMMM!!! And not that smart either! 😉 Or attractive. But it seems she did last until the very last week so it seems brains and looks do not constitute top modeldom.

    You make the call.

  17. Robin – I live in Japan. How far does the Chinese firewall extend? Or is there a Japanese firewall too?
    I’ve never had trouble viewing any other sites!

  18. I never had censorship problems before, and some sites I check out, Japanese and others, are very “rough”
    Why are you visiting Japan? And where? Is it your first time?

  19. I was kidding. I know Japan has no censorship 😉

    Because it seems like a great country to visit! I love Asia, and especially Japanese culture (I think). I think we will travel for 2 or 3 weeks. First time Japan. Been to Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam (in Asia).

  20. there is NO internet censorship in japan, i guarantee you. thailand is a very different story, though. still, not as bad as china, i think…

  21. TOO BAD Mr need to register as a user, and if this does not work…again TOO BAD…you are missing out a hell of hot asian girls here on, are you registered with Zamscan’s Yahoo group? he can e-mail you Ms Natasha Yi, and I bet you’d change your mind about “lean and skinny”asian girls…

  22. What happened is very simple, the girl became AWARE of the cameras and freaked out, backpedaling once she started thinking about how her parents would react.

    If you turned off the cameras she would have stripped naked and probably even done a girl/girl scene with Janice if you asked her to.

    Korean girls tend to be tightly controlled, in my view, BRAINWASHED by their, in my view, RACIST, parents. The vast majority of Korean girls Ive known either date korean guys exclusively, or they date black guys. I guess they figure if they are gonna rebel they might as well go all the way.

  23. Lol! That was a fun video. Although she kinda comes across as a major bimbo, I think she’s sweet. Most people don’t know themselves at 21, or have the ability to project confidence on national television.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if she gets snatched up by some modeling agency, that gives her good career/life coaching and public speaking training.

    I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about Gina in a few years….

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