Sai Eew @ ThaiCuties

Sai Eew @ ThaiCuties

Want to see mor of Thai model Sai Eew? Gallery 1 and gallery 2.

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  1. I got to say, I generally like the little skinny ones, but these recent posts, Robin, of these juicy girls (Sai and Nina Minami) I really like. More womanly. Juicy.

  2. Yeah Bubalabobo, juicy is a good adjective to describe this one. I can’t think of a better word, so I’m gonna agree that she’s “juicy.”

  3. Her body is very Un-Thai also from this photo her nose looks a little large….Yes her eyes and nibbles are GREAT

  4. SherBo: I think you mean “nipples”.
    “Nibbles” means taking little bites of something!

    Yes I like her too, but don’t believe that she will age as well as the thinner ones.

  5. Great site .(Thai Cuties)
    She’s cute…but of course every time I go to that site…I relapse into my deep crush for NANCY HO.

  6. her name reminds me of pad see ew, the yummy thai dish. i could use some right now!

    i think she looks great – unlike kona kalani or whatever her name was a few posts back, who wowed us with her ribcage and lack of butt, i think this girl looks really healthy and she has the body of someone straight out of a renoir painting – from the glowing skin to the supple lines.

    with that being said, i don’t really see the appeal of the “skinny ones” that were mentioned in the comments when they’re compared to girls like this. i mean, doesn’t she look way more healthy and womanly to you than a bag of bones?

  7. sorry, to clarify since all words were of praise in the comments – what i meant was… why is ‘skinny’ the standard for a lot of you guys (like the comment “generally like the little skinny ones”), when a body like this girl’s is really just the epitome of woman! just the fact that her body is more fleshy just gives her that much more sex appeal over any slender girl.

  8. That Kona chick is awful. Sai doesn’t fit my definition of juicy, Christine Mendoza is someone I would consider juicy. But Sai is just flat out sexy. It’s good to see someone like her with an article. Thai women do have figures which is part of the reason why I love them so much. I don’t know why people would choose someone would choose a little skinny Thai girl whose built like a stick over a woman like her. Maybe it’s t o fulfill some barely legal fantasy or something. That’s my theory.

  9. Sai is sexy but i wonder if she will stay sexy for a long time. Lots of care from her side, for sure.

    christine, she is just on the edge (good side). I also love fleshy girls but let’s set the standard like Sai. Renoir had a taste for just a little too much fat, always remember that. 😉

  10. I don’t think Christine knows the definition of the word “lazy”. 😉 I think it’s more a question of whether she’s snowed under with her studies or totally snowed under. 🙂

  11. just snowed under 🙂 for now. but next week is the beginning of midterm season. then i will be totally snowed under. still trying to fit in 10 hrs. per week at the gym. i already feel myself packing on the fat o________o;; oh no

  12. She’s going to the Gym 10 hours a week…Its ok if waist is a little big, just make sure her mei mei is not so big…

  13. Let’s talk about boobs again. I love it.
    10 hours a week? Are sure? What does she do right there? Does she want to be an athelete or what?
    If you are sure that she takes gym portion like that, then where the curves go from her body? I don’t see any curves but her big waist only.

  14. Christine, thank you.
    But maybe sometimes, we will discuss about you. Don’t worry about that, the time will come.

  15. No Niners – I go to the gym 10 hours a week. I was trying to tell Sherbo that when you mentioned Sai Eew’s waist, you were talking about her, not me.

  16. I’m going back to pluto…let me see if I get it…Christine goes to the Gym 10 hours per week…her waist is small….

    Sai Eew has a waist that says she should go to the gym..but doesn’t…..

    who’s the Hawaiian Princess….

    I’m now able to watch someone workout for 30 minutes….My goal is 60…

  17. Sorry did not concentrate well.
    Christine, your body must be a magnet for opposite gender.

    Put some your pictures right here, will ya?

  18. Christine those are good questions; I do concede that–despite my preference for slender women–I like this woman. As far as my preference, who knows why that’s what it is, but it is. Perhaps because being slender (not a “bag of bones,” nobody likes that) generally indicates good health.

    That being said, I do recognize that a woman like this one, with lightly padded body, maybe should trigger stronger evolutionary instincts (than the slender ones), she is well nourished and healthy, thus has clear reproductive capacity. But you get that also from fit, slender women.

  19. Bubalabobo the first part of your name is Yiddish and the second part Chinese..

    together it means Grandma’s Baby

  20. Thanks SherBo; I came up with it just because liked the sound and rhythm of the word; that it would have any kind of meaning is a surprise, and that it would have an interest meaning is even more unexpected.

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