Kina Kai

Kina Kai

Akira Lane, who has been featured here many times, recently sent an email promoting her site ( that included some very nice pictures with Kina Kai, enjoying sweets. I thought that Kina deserved an entry of her own, so here it is.Kina Kai is a Filipina raised in the midwest (Illinois and Michigan), currently living in Los Angeles. Various sources put her height at 5’1 or 5’2″ (short in either case). She is 23 years old according to her myspace page. Kina is an adult actress and it is possible to find many clips online.

Kina Kai on myspace
Kina Kai’s site (currently not operating)
Akira Lane’s site (for the strawberries)
Kina Kai on Totally Hot Asians
Akira Lane on Asian Sirens: bondage, original post with many links
Kina Kai on the IMDB (40 films!)




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  1. I just let out a loud “wooooooooah” when I saw this one. Pretty, little, doe-eyed and big titties. Nice.

  2. Works for me.

    She must have had dental work along with the boob job. And that is a seriously lumpy tongue.

    But still…

  3. Thanks, Man of the North. I may be the only one here who likes her boobs better BEFORE the enhancement.

    Overall, I like this one. :#)

  4. Bigfoot Dean..Most of the time I would agree with you, about her boobs before the enhancemant, only in this case my boobs are bigger then hers were….I think her nibbles were bigger then mine…

  5. I don’t disagree, NorthMan. If Kina had more natural looking implants, she is one that I think could benefit. I say this because her original breasts (or, at least those in the video) are a bit odd, as well.

    In some of the shots (the last, for example), her breasts look OK, but in others (like the first) they are clearly your typical man-made orbs. A little shape (other than round) would help in this instance, I think. Maybe something like the current girl in the J-List ad on this page.

  6. I like her small tits in the video, but don’t like those gnarly nose hairs I spied during that opening close-up. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

  7. To answer Bubalabobo’s question, I don’t think they are submuscular – breast implants this size would normally have a more natural upper breast slope if they were submuscular. Still, I think her boob job is fine. It is actually harder to get a natural result when your original breasts are very small – I think her surgeon has been quite tasteful and restrained, especially by current US standards!

  8. Just a coupla’ Orange County cuties going through their daily life of leisure.After the THREE OF US clean up…I give ’em the Amex & let ’em romp at Fashion Island.Is’nt that how it works down there?;->

  9. oh the nose hair in that vid clip was a major turnoff…
    speaking of “pre boob jobs” are there any pics of francine dee pre boob job(s)?

  10. The pictures with Akira are the ones I took for the Women of Perfection site last year, the site is currently being redone.
    Kina is a pure delight to work with. This shoot with her and Akira was one a lot of fun, if not messy. I couldn’t get the two to stop giggling so much.
    Akira will be at Glamourcon 42 with me in a couple of weeks and there will be a number of other asian models there as well.


  11. Now, you don’t mean to say those wonderful, sexy, hot breasts are a turn off…. literally. Do you?
    Kina is such a stunner, lovely, a delight for any filipina lover such as me.

  12. So, if you had the chance of having a moment alone with Kina, face to face, chest to chest, you would turn down the chance to…. errr know her better? Truly?

  13. Yes I’d pass. Not kidding. When I say “literally” I mean “literally”. They’d be an odd freakshow distraction, almost as if she were some kind of tranny.

  14. Ok… that’s my surprise of the day. But well, it’s your right, after all!
    If I learn something here, is that there is such a variety of tastes, very interesting.

  15. I suppose so. Life is full of surprises, evidently. And I’ve no shortage of natural women to choose from these days, so can afford to be picky.

    What’s with our fixation on unnaturally large disproportionate fake tits? Isn’t the allure of Asian women a more slender petite look, and therefor falsies negate the whole point?
    Take Pam Anderson…please! All these exaggerated features: big hair/tits/lips etc. make women look like charicatures or transvestites!

  16. Kina is not exaggerated, I think she is very well proportioned actually.

    Pam… she is way big, but I had a big crush on her since the good ole days. My respect! 🙂

  17. All animals have a natural attraction to exaggerated sexual features. Perhaps the most famous example is the peacock’s tail: totally impractical (especially for a bird), but it exists nonetheless. Large breasts (and to a lesser extent long hair) – especially when contrasted with a small waist and/or slim body – are the closest equivalents for us.

    Hmmm, perhaps I should do a post on this one. 😉

  18. Here is a big “yes” vote for the small waste/big breasts combo. I’m a big fan. But when I see such unnatural fake breasts, as with this lass, I grimace and shake my head. (I know, I know. There are worse boob jobs—Mika Tan et al.) It is an immediate, strongly negative, visceral reaction. If she is otherwise attractive, I think “what a pity.” If the breasts are so obviously not something that mother nature could wip up, as is the case here, I often have difficulty appreciating any other attractive features that the woman might have. This is no intellectual excercise. As I said, it is a visceral reacton. “Turn off” is exactly what I meant. Beauty makes the juices flow. But with such repulsion (a strong word, but an accurate one)—ain’t nothin flowin, brother. Ultimately for me such a woman just becomes—boring.

    I know that these fake breasts get many guys off. OK.

    Of course for some, they just cannot understand when what excites them leaves others cold. Lack of imagination? Uncomfortable acknowledging that one’s own “tastes” are not universal?

  19. For you to justify a model doing it from a market demographics point of view won’t persuade me that I should find it attractive, or that there’s something wrong with me if I don’t. =p

  20. I love this girl and long have enjoyed her photo sets and videos. She has that innocent face yet is willing to get dirty. Her nipples look like gumdrops.

    Her and Akira sizzle together.

  21. She does have great nipples—like gumdrops, well put. But they looked sooo much better when they were not atop those unnatural mounds. When I watched the pre-boob job vid posted by NorthMan those nipples just jumped out and grabbed me. They looked so great on her little titties. Now, sadly, for me at least, that thrill is gone. Like putting a little Matisse on top of a huge, ugly garbage can.

  22. to be honest i don’t think this girl’s boobs look ridiculously fake. ridiculously fake to me is like lena li, maya sakura, or mika tan (the obvious). i actually think she looks alright with her fake breasts, because before her enhancement she really had nothing there (barely size A’s, it seems).

  23. Nice job. And one more thing, don’t forget to use shave after shave. About her boobs maybe she got the preety one but still on normal size.

  24. Eventhough I prefer Kina pre-surgery, her boobs do look good. They won’t keep me from looking at her nekkid. There are plenty of chicks with ooglier or super phony boob jobs such as the examples that Christine gave. And she has a nice butt too, I was wrong about that. Kina really is a beautiful woman.

    And here’s a link . Holla.

  25. Nice Eyes
    Nice Nipples
    Breasts… Pass

    Sign me up!

    I don’t see whats all the fuss or non fuss, I guess its fun, They are nice, they could be alot worse and… I’d love the opportunity to stare into her eyes. I’m stopping before I say something stupid.

    Good Gosh northman! You know that makes the third site I know like that? Finally the interent gets interesting, and gives what it has promised for ever!

  26. well, well, well. If my comments are thought to be crude, what are you guys. I am only being frank and to the point. I am always practical in my opinions. Come on guys, be honest with yourself. If any of you find yourself alone with her in one room locked in what would you do?? Walk away???

  27. It’s been my experience that the most obnoxious rude people always rationalize their offensive behavior as “just telling it like it is, being honest, keepin’ it real”, not beating around the bush”.

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