Sachiko’s Sexy Bible Readings!

It seems that when a lot of people first see me (or at least conservative types), they immediately think “when it comes to brains, she’s got great tits”, simply because I have big tits, and I am a nude model. So I thought it might be fun to really play up to this stereotype, and channel my inner bimbo, as I figured this would be a very funny and effective way to show up the absurdity of a lot of what is written in the Bible, as well as some of the utterly ludicrous contortions of logic people use to defend religious belief. Hence my new video series, Sachiko’s Sexy Bible Readings!

NOTE: As I suspect discussion on this topic will be very active, and the Doc doesn’t want to have to moderate three heated discussions at once, I have decided to close comments on this post. However, everyone is free to post your comments on my blogall opinions are welcome (indeed, encouraged) and you don’t have to register to post.

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