Li Xinyue


When someone wins an award for “Miss Chinese Underwear Model 2007,” I think we should generate a script that sends their name immediately to my inbox. Until that happens, I’ll have to find out by accident. Ah well. Not a lot of photos from her, but the ones I selected are still pretty good. And before you ask, no I don’t know who the other girl is.Stats:

Age: 20 (in 2 days)
Height: 5’9 (really?)
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Beijing










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  1. So you can read Mandarin Travis? Very stylised photos as usual, although it looks like the retouch artist forgot to do her legs in some of the shots. 🙂

  2. Not at all! But when I searched for the name, some cruddy article about the award came up. Nothing worth linking to. Then I translated the iStudio page and it was there too so I knew it was the same person.

  3. I just realized that since that award can only be one once, the script would send me the same name over and over again =P. Oh well, I’ll keep the text as is since I think it’s funny.

  4. Li Xinyue is just amazing and should carry the title for more than just one year..

    Given the perfect spokesperson:
    Chinese Underwear should become a restaurant
    just like French Laundry, no?

  5. At Li Xinyue , the pretty girl
    Too many men do stare
    And even the skeptical must admit
    She looks great in underwear

  6. She seems very pretty but those picts dont do anything for me sadly enough. Also the other lady looks like a ringer or at least a body double for Bi Ling.

  7. Very versatile body and pretty face.

    I think you actually can set up a new search service to look for phrases like “underwear model” and send the links to you. Go ahead and do that for us! 🙂

  8. Weekender, whenever I think about your Chinese Underwear restaurant, I instantly think about all the old ladies hanging their bloomers on the lines over the stores on Stockon St in San Francisco and I am instantly repulsed, but a good marketing campaign could quickly overcome that.

    Love the 4th pic, “check-out-my-hair, miniskirt with toes turned in”

  9. re: weekender, there’s a company called chinese laundry (french laundry + chinese underwear?) that makes expensive women’s shoes. 🙂

  10. i actually find this girl to be very plain. imo, without the nose job, she would be even more so. in all of the underwear photos, she is wearing a bra that is two sizes too big for her. this is done to give the appearance of a large bust. in reality she is probably an A-cup, or a very very small B. she just seems like another model that is skinny and plastic :/ it’s even more off-putting that she struts her stuff like she thinks she’s the hottest girl around…maybe that’s the case in china?

  11. After seeing her in real underwear images of some quality I have changed my mind…

    She is a gorgeous, lovely, visually stunning and a very sexy lady. A keeper; one that even marriage would be a very likely option if not a foregone conclusion.

  12. Nose job or not she has a very pretty face. As the Doc noticed, it’s amusing how much time they spent on making her look good… except for her legs. ^^;;

  13. re: thecollector, what do you think these asian women look like when they’ve aged 40-50 years? they don’t stay like this forever, ya know. those ladies on stockton st. may look old and unsightly, but i hope you never have to fight them to get onto a crowded muni…they’re fierce!

  14. Yes Christine, beauty is surely fleeting, but I’m all for naked people who maintain their symmetry.

    I remember the last time I visited Chinatown and felt a vicious shove from behind…. I whipped around only to find an approximately 65lb 3’10” woman pointing at the frozen slab of fish she wanted to purchase.

    Last time I was in China, I brought some co workers who were, well, let’s just say “not well traveled”.

    “this is just like Chinatown”, gushed one.

  15. Maybe they meant that Chinatown really is authentically Chinese. Or, maybe they’re just goofy.

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