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This is just a quick post to introduce you guys to a model I just stumbled across. I found her look very interesting – although it is the islander kind of look I don’t normally go for, I find her quite attractive. Part of this is no doubt due to her extraordinary petiteness – at 5’2″, she only weighs 75lb! And I don’t think this is too exaggerated (if at all) – she is extraordinarily slim and leggy for a girl of her height. AFAIK, she only has one profile on the net, but there’s several more great photos there.

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  1. Wow! She is a looker to be sure. I would love to see much more of her. She really has that exotica ethnic look going for her.

  2. She looks good in the shot above, but most of the other pics reveal her face to be quite unremarkable. And unless she is 4’2″ instead of 5’2″, there is no way that she weighs only 75 lbs.

  3. yeah….5’2 and 75 lbs? that would make her bmi a lot lower than some runway models! find it more believable that she’d be 5’2 and 90 – 95 lbs. 90-95 is still a really low, low weight. my mother was 5’0 and 98 lbs before she had me, and people thought she was a stick.

  4. maybe knarf and dr. lee did a switch? “quite unremarkable” <– that sounds like something dr. lee would say 🙂

  5. 75lbs seems a bit fabricated to me. The weird thing is, why would anyone who is purporting to be 5’2 want to be quoted as being 75lbs?!

  6. Shockingly, I think she looks better with more clothes on. I find her way too skinny, she could use a bowl of pho or two.

  7. Proportional comparison high and weight. I agree with Arf.
    Tropical sounds like asian tropical forest.

  8. Asian Sirens has entered the twilight zone. 🙂

    Given her remarkably thin and leggy build – extraordinarily so for somebody her height – I think 75lb is possible, although I agree it is unlikely (but probably not too far off).

  9. Beautiful lips and perfect Asian nose…the best pic is the one where she is wearing a hat.

    I’ll say it: …if she were 25 pounds heavier I would still think she was pretty- even more so.

    I dig that Asian/Pacific Islander thing going on…

    I could take Miss Samar out for ice cream…Lieutenant Dan- ICE CREAM!

  10. I know it’s only March, but I feel confident in nominating “quite unremarkable” in regards to this girl as the understatement of the year. This is NOT an attractive woman, by any means. Jeebus.

  11. In my eyes Samar is very attractive, a real beautiful girl. She seems very skinny but nothing that can’t be solved. Love those hawaiian looks.

    Hope Doc is back on his original human body again. 🙂

  12. Photo 183125 (third row, right) slays me. What a composition. Beautiful and exotic.

    75 lbs? hah, even teens at age 16 weigh in their 90’s at lesser heights; I can think of several very skinny examples. She is either shorter or heavier than she posts but I really don’t care, she’s very pretty.

    I think she is the essence of an exotic glamor model. In person, in ordinary dress, she may not be exceptional, but she is very wow when dressed up tastefully and the shot is composed with her hair flowing beautifully and the right pose. The photographers must love working with her!

    Two words for possibly the main reason she photos so well: Bone structure. The islander lines with the high cheekbones and slender chinline are just very sexy.

  13. luvasianwimin- That’s the “hat pic” right? It got to me too…surprisingly, it shows the least of her body…

    In some photos it seems her face is lacking basic body fat- she has a rather gaunt look to her.

    I’ve dated a bulimic woman- I know the look. That is not thin from being athletic…

  14. Some women are just naturally slim, lacking what you call the basic body fat. Not many but they exist and it’s genetic. Of course in other cases it’s a health issue.

  15. In my opinion, she’s far from gaunt. After further scientific studying of a couple of her photo’s, she actually looks pretty healthy to me. I can tell by her shoulders and lips. But of course, I’m not a scientist in real life. I just play one on TV.

  16. I guess if you had to choose where you’d wanna be kidnapped, vietnam would be one of the ways to go.

  17. JoeBlough: That’s kinda harsh, man!

    We need to start a rescue mission for LawBoy. Maybe we could all get kidnapped by Vietnamese ladies, sigh.

    Mis Samar is a cutie, but it looks like she is another “Hawaiian” Filipino. (Samar is an island in the Philippines, and lots of Filipinos claim that they’re Hawaiian, and boy does my wife HATE that!)

  18. Wingsfan: And I laugh how my Filipina friend keeps getting advertisements for Hispanic everything because her last name is Martinez….

    By the way, isn’t 1 out of every 100 people on earth a descendant of Genghis Khan? So really Wingsfan, aren’t we all Mongolian?

  19. Well, I certainly love Mongolian BBQ.

    BTW, I imagine in a few centuries we will all be descendants of Wilt Chamberlain;-) (Google it!)

  20. I believe that she really weighs 75lb. A former Vietnamese girlfriend of mine was maybe even thinner for about the same height (71lb, 5’0″) in her early twenties.

    By the way, this is a great site and Miss Samar is a cute little spinner, indeed.

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