Sachiko’s Sexy Bible Readings Are Back!

As YouTube suspended my original Sexy Bible Readings channel (which combined sex with parodies of Biblical literalism), we’ve created a new YouTube channel to host them, and kept it unlisted so hopefully they won’t censor it again. We’ve also put local copies up on my my blog, just in case they still do (and people who can’t access YouTube can still watch them).

The only downside of this is that I’m now entirely dependent on my blog to bring attention to these videos, so I’ve decided to disable comments on this post, to encourage everyone to post your comments on my blog. I can’t stress enough that all opinions are welcome – indeed, the more debate there is, the better. I will support your freedom of speech, and I hope you can support mine by helping to get the word out on this!

We’ve also updated the Audio/Video pages on my web site with full resolution preview pics from the extended, nude members’ versions.

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