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Nancy Bui is a model from Texas that requested to be featured on AS. One thing I really respect about Nancy is that she states she is willing to do any type of modeling provided it is interesting. That is someone that respects the art form and isn’t modeling just to gain popularity. It is a rare quality to see in a model these days.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Presumably Vietnamese
Located: Texas









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  1. She looks real nice…I likey. I used to know an Allen Bui at my last base and he was vietnamese. Wonder if they’re related.

  2. As well as her ‘nice tits’ she looks especially good in pics 5 (clothed btw) and the last pic (upside down).

    Many of the istudio pics (the link above) are pretty fine too.

    Thinking what dipper et al will try to rhyme with Bui…hope it’s not ‘phooey’..but “makes me feel gooey”? “oooeee” maybe?
    And ‘fancy’ rhymes with Nancy.

    I should have a go at this poetry thing too.

  3. @arf: That’s highly improbable – Bui is a very common surname for Vietnamese. They seem to have relatively few different surnames actually – about half of them have the surname Nguyen (I am serious)!

    As for Nancy, she may not be the prettiest girl, but her body’s fine, and I like the diversity and creativity of her modelling. Plus she’s really nice and sweet to chat with. πŸ™‚

  4. From Texas comes Nancy Bui
    Some here just want to shout β€œwheee!”
    She has a nice body
    Nothing there very shoddy
    Not many pix, so I’ll wait and see.

  5. This woman from the Lone Star state
    May suffer some others’ fate.
    The tat on her arm
    May cause some alarm
    She may not grade out first rate.

  6. Certainly has a Vietnamese nose.

    One of the iStudio pix looked too familiar – mouth open, probably yelling full volume.

    From my days of listening to the Viet sounds, I think that westerners can get by with pronouncing her name, Bweee, and that would be close. Not very accurate, but close.

    I also read somewhere, to expand on Doc’s comment, that the Vietnamese changed their name to match that of the dominant dynasty, the Nguyens in the early 1800’s. Forty percent of Viet names are Nguyen and according to Wiki, it is the 7th most common name in Australia.

  7. Actually dbldipper, I don’t think her nose is entirely native Vietnamese, if you know what I mean. πŸ™‚

    I think Bui is one of the easier Vietnamese surnames to pronounce – basically phonetic (Boo-ee).

    Nguyen is the most common surname in the Sydney and Melbourne telephone books!

  8. she’s pretty hot but i dont think hot enough to be a really successful model. Like if i saw her at a club, i’d try to get in there but if i saw her in a magazine, i’d be like “meh…not bad”

  9. Presumably Vietnamese? Common Travis, just ask her! πŸ˜›

    Artsy and interesting. With a cute face, very sexy body: small waist, nice boobs, really slim.

    Good luck Nancy, attitude takes you a long way!

  10. I love Viet girls as much as the next guy, but this one doesn’t impress me much. Maybe if she had more pics.

  11. Blunt Advice for Nancy: PART 1 of 2

    1. You’re really cute but your photos don’t flatter you; work with better photographers and NEVER let one of them pose you nude on something as dirty as that black corner / alcove thingy.

    2. When dressed / costumed in ‘ordinary’ clothes, use poses that complement that look – do not allow any photgrapher or creative director to pose you in seductive / alluring poses in a pair of chinos and a hoodie from Gap / Old Navy. We guys like the ‘girl next door’ look but not if the girl knows we’re glaring at her…we like the idea of checking you out and catching a really sexy glimpse of you without you actually knowing we’re looking at you or having you look back at us…it’s all part of our fantasy.

    3. Do not get any more tattoos. In fact, have the existing one on your wrist removed at your earliest convenience. The one on your hand is more interesting, but the idea of ‘visible’ ink is so last century. Here’s the deal; we don’t mind the fact that you have ink, we just like to discover it when we’re undressing you…it should be in a really intimate place that only a select few guys lucky enough to get to undress you actually get to see.

    3. Never – and I mean NEVER – get a boob job. It’s a fact that most guys love girls with a big rack, but fewer and fewere of us actually want a girl with a fake pair. Girls with natural breasts – no matter the size – should celebrate them! Here’s a story for you – I was sitting in my SUV at a Starbucks on the phone when an absolutely – drop dead gorgeours – Cambodian woman pulled up next to me in a convertable. She was wearing a tight pair of 7 jeans, high heels and a very loose, low cut sweater – with no bra. She was almost flat as a board – baby A cups…but GOD ALMIGHTY – she was so effing sexy. She was so confident in her sexuality that she didn’t care WHO saw her tits. And when she saw me checking her out, she rifled through her center console an extra long time for me to have a long glance at her popping nipples…it was one of THE most sexy encounters I’ve had in public…and natually she looked up and smiled when she was finished.

  12. Blunt Advice for Nancy – Part 2 of 2:

    (sorry – I exceeded my content limit)

    4. Grow your hair long(er). Your hair looks great in two of the images above; the one with the crazy eye makeup and the one with the green clutch – and I know that your hair is short in both of those – but having longer hair gives you more versitility. You can always wear your hair up in ‘everyday’ shots and down when you’re undressed (we like that…especially when your trusses tease your nipples of if it’s long enough to touch shoulder blades – or the bottom of your spine).

    5. Finally – and even though you haven’t revealed any in these photos – please, PLEASE don’t shave your self completely clean. That ‘look’ is 20+ years past its freshness date. Don’t get me wrong – we like ‘clean and smooth’ on the fleshy bits, but there’s something great and mysterious about discovering how a woman grooms herself. Does she have a landing strip, a ‘flying V’, a full pad trimmed short like the 18th green…these are all mysterious disvoveries that we like to unravel with every woman (we like to know everything from how you smell and taste to how you sound when you orgasm, but that’s another topic). So don’t be afraid to leave some hair in your lap…and be creative; change it up from week to week. That will bring us back again and again to see what you’re doing. But bald is boring…especially if it’s bald all the time.

    Good luck…we’ll be ‘pulling’ for you!

  13. Thanks for the advice! And thank you for your honesty. πŸ™‚

    You guys are awesome. πŸ™‚

    @arf: sorry. I’m not related to him πŸ™

    @Americanarsenal: btw, I am never, ever gonna get a boob job. I can’t swim and I heard fake boobs will sink in water haha πŸ˜›

    What rhymes w/bui is gooey? Hahah

    Btw..I am vietnamese πŸ™‚

    Nancy bui

  14. Welcome to Asian Sirens Nancy! While I don’t agree with AmericanArsenal’s general opinion on breast surgery (in my experience what men say on this issue and what they actually want are often two very different things), in your particular case you have an uncommonly nice natural pair, so I think it probably is safest not to mess with them. πŸ™‚

  15. Very nice natural beauty, very uncommon I do agree. Reminds me of an old Rap by Jin “Got this chick from Saigon, hundred percent Viet

    Nickname is do-do cause her body is the $#!+!”

    I was always a sucker for Vietnamese women…

    Keep doing your thing. In one word you are PERFECT!

    Natural is the way to be! The way God made you!

    P.S. Cars maintain better resale value stock. Whereas, modified cars lose value due to it being “COMMON” πŸ˜‰

  16. Nancy – AmericanArsenal makes a great point. One of the sexiest chance Asian sitings for me (and being part of a Viet family, I saw alot) was in a grocery – woman wearing a tank top, small breasted, but what a hot look. She wasn’t even trying. Doc Lee may be correct here, but if I am with a female, I’d like her to project a “look at me” attitude, rather than “look at these.”

    Smile all that you can. My favorite pic in this series is of you in the blue top and gray pants – an expression of someone with a joy for life. I’m not a photo guy, but many of the artistic shots we see on this site tend to be more for the photographer than the model.

    Last point – there’s a pic of you with a little one on your MySpace (one of the photos launched a spam attack so I had to shut that down). That person (I assume your baby) should be the focus of your life. One hundred years from now the only people that will know the name Nancy Bui will be your grandchildren.

    All the best to you.

  17. For me, not close enough. I wish I could be a whole lot closer to miss Bui, like the in person, face to face kind of closer. πŸ˜‰

  18. Just joking of course…I was poking fun @ AsianWomenAlways’s comment above. After doing so, I then saw Miss Nancy’s comment and WoW! that’s so cool she mentioned my name. Go Nancy.

  19. well arf has gone all gooey
    over our sweetie Ms Bui

    err, and that’s about my limit on poetry.

    Taking arf’s comment a bit further, what a buzz Nancy contributed some feedback to AS. And going by her comments she sounds a fun person, which makes her more ‘up close and personal’ that close enough, arf? πŸ˜‰

  20. @ dbldipper : ohh I am very focus on my little monster :). Modeling is more of a hobby, expression for me. But I notice he’s already in love w/taking photos. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the advice πŸ™‚ i shall smile more in my photos.

    @envy; take u out to mcdonalds’ dollar menu hahahhaha

    @longtack: I’m not very good a poerty neither.
    Haha. My poerty consist of this:

    Roses are red
    Violetd are blue
    You are very sweet
    That makes my heart beat

    Haah πŸ˜›

  21. @dockhan hahaha nickname doodoo? Hahaha I have never heard of that one!

    @dr lee: thanks πŸ™‚ if I ever want my boobs to “look” bigger, ill just buy a push up bra πŸ˜› haha

  22. I agree with AmericanArsenal on keeping the tats to a minimum, but not necc on the short hair.

    Some people look better with short hair, some with long hair, you can judge for yourself.

    The worst thing you can be in life is like to look like every other model on a shoot, and sometimes differentiation (even if its short hair) can be your friend.

    Bets pic IMHO was the winged-eyelashes Bladerunner esque pic.

    Good luck!

  23. Nancy, your natural breasts are so nice, and I’m glad you’re not considering enhancing them. More cleavage shots would be great though. Also, I (we?) would love to see pictures of you in an Ao Dai (or out of one – hee hee).

    The lovely Nancy Bui
    whose hotness is easy to see;
    and her natural breasts
    pass most of our tests
    along with her personality.

  24. she’s a 6/10 at most. examples of 10 would be: nathalie kelley, kristin kreuk, vanessa minnillo, jessica burciaga

  25. that you are around these days, which of these photos of you do YOU like the best?
    And why?
    Was it how the photographer made you feel? The weather? the location?
    Or did you simply like the results”
    Do the results of shoots ever surprise you?
    I mean do you have doubts sometimes about the results?

  26. If you go on my myspace, which I’m rarely on now, my fave shoot was with the pearls and the paint.

    The photographer was openminded when we just shooting. Ideas came to my mind and he was willing to go with my ideas.

    I always have doubts becauswe I’m still new at this and am never sure how it will turn out.

    But my fave photo is the black and white photo that drfumanchu31 posted. To me, that photo just felt raw…:)

    Thank you for asking.

    But my fave shot is the one

  27. I think tandaman may be at the wrong site to be leaving comments on. Asian women obviously aren’t his thing. Just keepinG it real!…YO!

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