Niya Yu


Niya Yu is a Chinese pornstar. Apparently she’s been around for a bit, and has been featured on several websites, but it was not until recently that I’ve come across her photos. Have you seen her before?Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: ?




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0 thoughts on “Niya Yu”

  1. I love it when a sexy Siren smiles, it makes her so much more yummy, and Yu is a very yummy sweetie πŸ™‚

  2. Her name is Niya Yu from Taiwan. From what I can tell, she has quit the adult scene recently. There was a message on her site not long ago that she was going into the jewelry business.

  3. She’s not bad, but not really my style either. She could make up for that in her movies if she’s a dirty girl though.

  4. My humble Haiku, with all due respect:

    Why you remind me
    Asian Juliette Lewis?
    Nice body…too bad.

  5. Totally agree American Arsenal. Add cheeky, sexy, and hot smokin’ bod as well. So Niya Yu has cut and run from the porn biz? Probably a good move in the long run, but so glad she left us all with some good digitized memories.

  6. Face is just OK, but I do like her small, compact body. Perfectly matched thighs & hips. And she looks like a girl capable of being kinky & dirty. Maybe it’s her impish smile? It matters more than a perfect 10 that lays in bed like dead fish wrapped in old newspaper.

    I must’ve seen her before, but somehow never paid her attention she obviously deserved. My fav girl in business was always Charmane Star.

  7. “Apparently she’s been around for a bit, and has been featured on several websites, but it was not until recently that I’ve come across her photos.”

    yeah.. me too. Last night was the first time I’ve ever come across her photos. All over my new MacBook Pro keyboard as well. Damn it.

  8. She is a very naughty and fun girl. Like that smile a lot, too. Very sexy body in many ways.

    Like Nik2 said, if fun is on the agenda, forget the 10s, pay attention to the naughty girls. They deliver again and again.

  9. The former porn star called Niya
    Make a cowboy go instantly “hee-yah.”
    She could take 10 inches
    With the best of wenches
    I’d rather see-ya than be-ya.

  10. I agree with anyone here who thinks her face isn’t pretty, but, she still looks like awesome sex.

  11. “Sexy Chinese hottie Niya Yu has two bachelor’s degrees – Chemical Engineering & Marketing. The reason she wants to shoot porn? To make more money. ”

    Imagine you came from a country with over 1 Billion people in it and the top 5% of the population was so highly educated that Chemical engineering degrees and Marketing degrees were a dime a dozen.

    I think she’ll do alot better getting porn jobs.

    She looks exactly like my ex Lu Chen. Not a very pretty face, overly small mouth, but hiding enough sex to nearly kill you in bed.

  12. I find this quite peculiar actually. I know there is a common conception that there’s a lot of money to be made in porn, but that just hasn’t been the case for years now.

  13. Maybe some people do it more for fun than money. She seemed to be enjoying herself in a couple clips I just saw back there. And thanks for sharing dbldipper.

  14. I dropped a dime to get her pics and clips and see the movie she was in that was on the front of some site – and I don’t spend. Chicks Who Know What They’re Doing – Hell – People who know what they’re doing – a rare find.

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