Ruru Lin


Model Ruru is from what I can work out massively famous in Taiwan, having been on the circuit for years doing all the usual modelling mags and celeb shows stuff. She’s definitely a cut above the average model in terms of looks I think.












Age: 29 1981/11/28
Height: 175cm
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
From: Taiwan

Profile (Chinese)
Google Images

Taiwan GQ Feature on Ruru

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  1. she is perfect. if i had to build a girl from scratch, it would be her. omg…i still cant believe how hot she is

  2. You’ve gotta love Taiwanese girls – this one reminds me of some of the cuties in Sunnybank, although believe it or not, they get even better!

    It is true that we haven’t had many nudes recently. There are some coming soon, but to be honest, it hadn’t really occurred to me until laowai pointed it out. Is my impression correct that fewer Asian models are willing to go fully nude these days? It seems to all be that frustrating ‘implied’ stuff now.

  3. very cute, her babyface makes her look like jailbait, which usually gets lots of applause over here!
    Myself, I love shot #2 where she looks older.
    She sure will carry age very well.
    thanks for the find, Shuai

  4. In some of the phots, I only find her a lttle above average, in others way above average (pics 1 and 5, for instance). Killer body in all of them – from the little that we can see:-(

  5. Not necessarily Dr., it’s just that you guys are looking in the wrong places ha ha.

    Sure there’s plenty of asian women go nude if you look besides mainstream types.

  6. What’s not to like? Two great women in a row!

    I agree it’s time to get some nudity back. Just try to keep the high standards of the past couple of women.

  7. Wow, you guys have really been outdoing yourselves here since I last viewed. I Like a lot of the recent posts, but this one’s my favorite. Really love her face, her body…everything. Didn’t even notice there haven’t been any nudes, truthfully the nudity here isn’t much more than the implied anyways. Lots of other places to see that.

  8. How’s this:

    with one very minor exception, it was 17 ladies ago on Asian Sirens that a woman had nude pictures (the one minor exception being Jennifer An whose profile has one link to a single topless picture).

    That means the last time we had some decent nude pictures (though still not enough) was August 10th, Gong Rumin (and those were more of a candid personal shot than a ‘professional’ nude shot).

    Not trying to nitpick the staff at AS but just thought everyone would like to know!

  9. When the women are as sexy IN clothes/swimsuits as this one is – and most of the 17 previous women have been – I really don’t care. Having said that though, it’d be fantastic to see them naked.
    “She’s got legs!”- the catwalk shot and the waterfall pic make me drool.
    And just plain sexy in the striped stockings mmmmmmmmmmm!

  10. While I certainly can’t agree that Ruru is nothing (and she is actually in the list you cite!), there’s some good material for future posts here.

  11. I like Ling Chi Ling (whose been featured before) Jenna Wang, Lene Lai, Abby Fung. Also, Janet is very hot too. You should bring up Janet in your forum.

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