Zhanna Zhumaliyeva


If all of the women in Kazakhstan looked like potential Miss Universe contestant Zhanna Zhumaliyeva, I don’t think that Borat would have ever even thought about the existence of the United States. He’d be too busy picking his drool up from the floor. I know, I know, Borat jokes are so fresh and hilarious! Give me a break, man. I don’t know anything else about that country. For a while I thought it was made up.Stats:

Age: 23
Height: 5’10
Located: Kazakhstan








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  1. WHOOSH!! Zhanna takes my breath away! What a face…esp. the eye shape (pic #4). Her Mongolian looks recall the young Mongol woman featured on the cover of National Geographic that became a sensation. Kamanin Studio has displayed great talent in their portraits featured here.

  2. At the risk of this turning this into a Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) thread, I recently discovered he is married to sexy US based Aussie actress Isla Fisher, so he has done OK for himself in the marriage stakes. I guess Isla doesn’t mind him running around naked.
    Anyway, back to the topic.
    Zhanna is a stunning woman from an almost forgotten country but one noted for its share of beautiful women.
    I do love her eyes.

  3. I scheduled this post for today for obvious reasons – what a shame she didn’t make it. I’d take this girl over almost all the actual contestants – a striking face and a fabulous body.

  4. Zhanna we feel the pain with you!

    Are the judges blind?
    Should you have posted this a week ago Doc? Then sent the dozens (augmented by a few hundred dummy comments shhhh!) of predictably positive reactions from AS readers (arguably the leading afficianados of Asian beauties) to the Kazakh judges to see who their choice should be.
    Oh well, she can always go for Miss World.

  5. WOW she is drop-dead gorgeous, shes soooo dam fit and my god what face, the rest of her is dam fine too, i know where i wont to go for my next holiday and i dont care if i have to drink yaks milk all day…what a woman

  6. I’m speechless. Amazing. Never thought I’d love a woman that tall. Not even upset that the chest isn’t that big. Flawless.

  7. Yes – oohs and aahs according. The best part about her? Ordinary fingernails! Not the overly manicured behemoths favored by Japanese and some Western women. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her.

    What language would she speak? Russian? Kazaki? Some dialect of Chinese?

  8. a true beauty. great cheekbones, gorgeous eyes.
    I have to say that you guys are doing an awesome job on this site.

  9. We rarely (if ever) have been this unanimous about a Siren featured here. To me, it’s because she seems like such a natural beauty with a distinctive look and a great body. Any more like her at home?

  10. This is a perfect example of what a master race will look like in few generations. Kazakhs are Turkic people, a blend of earlier Indo-Europeans & northern Asians. Joe Stalin might have inadvertetly improved Kazakh bloodline by deporting millions of Germans, Poles & Koreans into Kazakhstan in 1940s.

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