Azean is a model from Singapore. She apparently writes about herself in the third person. Here’s a fun one for all you tattoo haters. The way she has her shirt in the above photo looks like a method of creating a suntan tattoo that is becoming a pretty popular alternative to permanent tattoos. Not great for your skin, but it also goes away. I’ve seen people do it with stickers a lot but apparently full blown massive tattoos are getting pretty popular.Stats:

Age: 31
Height: 5’2
Located: Singapore





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  1. I agree she is pretty good looking for 31.
    I would have said 21 – especially in the last pic and a bit older (39-40) in the others.
    Anyway, 5’2″
    makes her very cute too.
    For me she would certainly do.

  2. @longtack: I like those as well.

    Shouldn’t the photographer for that first photo of Azean on the beach have noticed that thing on the sand that looks like a booger or a mole on her nose? Isn’t that what Photoshop is for (I mean besides enhancing breasts and buns)?

  3. She’s very cute in some of the pics – other pics are poorly posed. Of course a set of C cup implants would make her even more attractive. Looking great for 31 – one of the main selling points of Asian women. As far as the ‘suntan tat’, why not just get a henna one? They wear off after about 30 days – and no skin damage. Having said that, a little sun won’t hurt. Some of the Chinese girls shown on this site are so pale they look sick.

  4. lol. Lots of asian women still look great into their late 30’s, and if I might make a generalization, probably because a lack of sun exposure, vs intentional tanning (that shirt would be very hard to position exactly on subsequent tanning sessions, also).

    She’s got an Asian-Audrey Hepburn quality in some photos… a cute face, great legs, but I can tell she’s tiny in the photos too.

  5. First of all 31 isn’t even close to being old. 🙂 70 maybe? She is pretty delish looking, especially with the blue dress in the bottom photo above.

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